Mariano Diaz

  • Noticed that this guy has dropped from about £1.22 to 93p within the last 2 months.

    He's banging in the goals for Lyon, so why the drop in price? I know he only signed for Lyon from R.Madrid last year, so unlikely to transfer in the summer, but within 3 years surely this guy is going to massively increase in price!

  • Not sure about his pb record but he's up against fekir and depay every match and fekir just returned from injury which won't help his price

  • That may be. But he's outscored both this season and scored again today.

    There's some talk of him going back to Madrid with Benzema going the other way.

  • @NewUser108904 I held him a while back. He does have a good goal record but his Pb scores are terrible. He’d need a hattrick to have a chance of winning & with depay competing with him he struggles. I’ve seen the real links but this is only his 1st year away so he’ll probably need more time to prove himself

  • @NewUser108904 it's about pb scores rather than goals unfortunately. Ekambi is one goal behind diaz but he is only 78p. These types of players who bang in goals are likely to be picked up by bigger clubs so consideration could be to invest for potential transfers in the future and they may get occassional pb when they hit 2 with gwg or a hatrick but that's the reason why he's not a rising price. Players like depay and fekir score goals and get a decent baseline score making them excellent choices for pb + potential transfers in the future which is why their prices are higher. Fekir has PL transfer links making his price higher still. Hope that helps explain the disparity

  • He's rightly cheaper than Depay and Fekir, but I also agree that banging in 20+ goals for Lyon is the sort of calibre that makes a big club sit up and take notice.

    So not a bad hold if you think he'll be the cause of some transfer rumours next year.

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