Positions - Mid or Fwd

  • Hi guys,

    Sure this has been on many of yours minds.

    E.g Oyarzabal is classed as a fwd whereas Januzaj who plays on the opposite flank same role is classed as Mid.

    And there are many more examples.

    I was thinking why Ocampos who always plays is in that forward right position is classed as Mid rather than fwd.

    Surely a change is due.

  • @MI25

    Aiui it's basically down to OPTA stats, FI just copy & paste with no input or opportunity to change or delay any changes, it's all very unsatisfactory. I genuinely don't care if say Kimmich is a defender or Midfielder just as long as I can place my bet, or not based on his given position, without it being changed without any notice or predictability. FF give positions out at the start of the season & that remains unchanged throughout so the game evolves on a level playing field for everyone.

    Where anomalies exist I would prefer any changes to be restricted to set time periods, say transfer windows or off seasons, not just randomly on a whim.

  • @Geronimo159387

    Agree there need to be transparancy.

    But there too many blatant positional blunders.. .not fair

  • It's not as simple as in the old days with a 442 when it was obvious who is a forward and midfielders. A lot of these wide forwards would have been previously been called a Midfielder in a 451.

    Kimmich is a bit different as he genuinely changed position.

    But yeah agree, it should be set at start of season.

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