Good news for Arsenal fans

  • Sky sports introducing artificial “crowd noise” means for the first time there’ll be an atmosphere at the Emirates.
    How about that then Arsenal season ticket holders. Get a refund and get a better atmosphere in your living room. Win win.

  • @Timothee-Atouba i will miss the woman that always shouts A R S E N A L arsenal arsenal, every...minute...of ...the...match... hope they haven't recorded her.

  • @Westy I’d imagine it’s a certainty. That’s all you ever here there. Either that or nothing I’m afraid.

  • Haha
    I thought they were nicking the crowd noise from fifa ??

  • One of the BL teams had whistling noises when the opposition had a goal kick😂 Think it was maybe Gladbach but could be wrong.

  • @Timothee-Atouba I dunno you always hear that really annoying song 'and we're by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen', seems to happen at the start and end just like YNWA. Part of me wants Arsenal to lose every 'home' game and win every 'away' game and show that it literally is mostly mental as to why they're rubbish away from home!

  • Arteta will make us whole again

  • @Westy I genuinely think this covid lockdown, will have helped Arsenal.
    Arteta took over a dysfunctional team on the field and off.
    I think the time will have given players a time to reflect and for him to install his style or atleast a bit of 'f-ing' passion.

  • @Doug-s theyve had lots of homework by all accounts...but he cant physically change them- Luiz will still make massive clangers, Xhaka still cant run properly- he needs lots of new players.

    Scary rumours of a David Luiz contract extension...

    So many kids got chances this season shows how bad the senior squad is. I'd use rest of season like a preseason and just focus on some transfers out and in and the kids- think theyre getting valuable time and will be serious squad depth next yr.

    Looking at Saka i only have small holding, looking to just clear out all small holdings but hes one im really tempted on going big, then i look at nelson too- bit riskier but much more room for growth is he starts doing well. I normally dont buy arsenal players on FI, FS or FPL due to not wanting to be mixing emotion with business but some of the yth are looking very promising.

  • @Westy players like ceballos ,guendouzi , pepe ,saka ,martinelli , Tierney, nketiah , willock etc granit can play without the fans on his back to get back into the good books (rightly so the idiot) there potential is unreal !!!
    Luiz , Ozil etc should just be chucked out and all the transfer rumour lacazette, Aubameyang and others just leave on the bench ...
    Arsenal could be amazing with a style of Artea/pep G football 😲 , good things to come you'll gave champions league place in a yrs time 👍

  • @Westy said in Good news for Arsenal fans:

    Scary rumours of a David Luiz contract extension...

    What, new contract as an Arsenal player or are the Simpsons making more episodes with Side Show Bob?

  • There's a shit atmosphere at all premier league clubs.Not a patch on the Bundersliga.

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