Neymar vs Mbappe

  • Who would people invest in now and why? I used to have tiny holds of both but found them frustrating for various reasons. Am considering get back on one though... thoughts welcome.

  • I'm on M'Bappe, have been for a while. Both will have rumours abound every window, especially with Neymar keen to go back to Barca (Messi heir maybe) but I think Mbappe is more likely of the two to end up in the Premier League which will make him more valuable longer term. IMO

  • @Hint Mbappe for me. Still young and should become an even better player as he matures and would expect him to stay at PSG longer, so more chance of PB and transfer spec too.

    I like Neymar but not convinced he showed his Brazil form enough when he was at Barca. He's excelled at PSG but I've got a nagging doubt he won't if he goes back to Spain. He could also be one of the big losers if the full name rule is dropped for MB.

  • I hold Neymar and to be honest, I’m not sure if he’s the better option out of the two but, with the Euros coming up next year, Mbappe would probably be who I would invest in if I could.

    Neymar will return significant dividends though through transfer spec and World Cup in 2022 - so both are probably good options.

  • Neymar for me as he’s that rare beast that is regularly prominent in both PB and MB.

    I hold and knowing my luck they’ll make an MB change that won’t pick up ‘Neymar’. However, you would think any change would apply common sense and be monitored to ensure the people who the article is clearly about, get their deserved points.

  • Neymar is under priced at the moment. Still youngish and a PB and MB freak. Mbappe is younger still and super talented, but not so PB & MB suited. If he moves to Prem, that would be jackpot however.

  • Mbappe all day long and just keep piling in for the next ten years

  • @Hint

    One is currently £8.50 & returned 146p in dividends this season (140p last season) the other £10+ with 6p (23p last); Can you guess which is better value???

  • Proper split here, perhaps to be expected. Maybe I should just get back on both again...

    As I see it, Neymar is obviously much more of a div earner at the present time, and in that sense represents better value, but the drawback with him is frequent injuries, no euros, the possibility of a move to Barca (though I doubt this will happen), but most of all his age. It's the latter that really bothers me - he's 29 in six months and at £8.50 is a total anomaly at that price. It shouldn't matter as he's bound to keep returning regular divs until he's 32 but market sentiment tends to turn as 30 approaches if not before.

    Mbappe is just starting out his career and if Neymar was to move would surely hoover up PB wins fairly regularly. At the moment his div performance isn't great for a £10 player but that could feasibly improve - especially if the matrix changes.

    I think I am leaning towards Mbappe but will probably curse myself when Neymar cleans up PB in August and September.

  • @Hint said in Neymar vs Mbappe:

    Mbappe is just starting out his career and if Neymar was to move would surely hoover up PB wins fairly regularly.

    I fear you're wrong, his game doesn't suit the scoring matrix; last season he scored 4 with GWG & was still pipped to top For by Hazard who had 1G &1A. Neymar wins dividends whether playing or injured & certainly beats him hands down for PB but that's not what's holding Mbappe's dividend returns back.

    I have no doubt his price may still rise because new money & those who don't value dividends will continue piling in but it's very dangerous as his price is simply not underpinned by his dividend yield but good luck with whatever you decide.

  • @Geronimo159387 as a goalscorer, he could easily be a beneficiary of a matrix change though? Strikers are not as valuable as they should be considering their importance and I wouldn't be surprised to see that addressed.

  • @Hint I think a lot of people were suggesting GWG would be reduced in importance in any matrix changes? Who knows though!

    I would say Neymar for the time being but Mbappé is heir to the throne. Pretty sure Neymar is a knob though (see recent alleged homophobic comments) whereas Mbappé seems like a decent lad.

  • In 3 years time Mbappe will be over double the price of Neymar IMO

  • @ChazFI123 maybe. Maybe not. Neymar could be still earning terrific dividends. And the patience with Mbappes, pretty appalling dividend yield may have worn out. Ppl have been incredibly patient with him because he’s young and good, but this won’t last forever. He needs to start delivering the kind of dividends a premium hold dictates.

  • Interesting debate going on here covering the amount of news articles get written about Neymar/Messi/Mbappe/Tom Heaton etc
    food for thought for when they open it up

  • For me the Neymar / Mbappe conundrum is the same as the Bruno / Pogba or Rashford / Greenwood dilemma.

    Each pairing plays in the same position on the same team, so are directly competing with each other for divs, and they are ALL expensive!

    I'm not getting involved in the Neymar /Mbappe investment dilemma. There are much cheaper and better alternatives where the players arent handicapped by a teammate.

    The whales can comfortably own all 6 of these and reap the rewards but not many of the rest of us!

  • @ScouseSte thats Bruno and Greenwood all day long. Not even a discussion

  • @NewUser257481 said in Neymar vs Mbappe:

    @ScouseSte thats Bruno and Greenwood all day long. Not even a discussion

    And that's music to my ears mate 😉

  • Personally I’m Neymar all day long over Mbappé. What has Mbappé done to suggest he’d instantly become the no.1 div earner in France once/if Neymar leaves?
    I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong if someone provides the facts, but I’m pretty sure he earned minimal divs when Neymar has been injured. If anything I’d argue Depay is a better buy than Mbappé.

    How much longer are people gonna be patient for and say “he’s young, his PB score will improve as he gets older”. He’s 21, we already know what type of game he will play when he enters his prime. He’s not gonna be the type of player to pick out a pass like Neymar or Messi. Surely people’s patience with him are going to run out sooner or later.

    Just my thoughts on that. Welcome to any discussions from anyone on the other side of the discussiob

  • There's no comparison between the 2. Neymar all day. A better comparison for age and style of play would b rashford v mbappe.

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