Lionel Messi (98.6% divs return) for Joao Felix?

  • Thought I would share this with the forum for two reasons.

    1. To show that a 100% dividends return on a player is possible and
    2. Gauge opinions on the two players

    Appreciate 100% divs return is unlikely for the vast majority of players but possible nonetheless.

    This morning, I IS'd Messi at £4.97 (originally bough at £3.28). For anyone who's tried to market sell him, you'll appreciate how long the queue is, and how difficult it is. This morning presented me with an opportunity to forgo the potential Gold day dividends tomorrow and get out at a good price. Don't get me wrong, he's a great hold and it was very tempting to see him all the way to 100% or hold out for more, but the risk of a big drop at the moment or in the near future is too great for me.

    I bought in about two years ago and sat tight ever since. Enjoying the highs and lows. I don't believe there's a more consistent PB player out there, and genuinely unsure if this is the right thing or not. My concern is the potential for a huge drop at the end of the season/ CL exit/ retirement rumours. @Vespasian32 made an excellent point about the removal of FI Is base price and full stake being lost on players at retirement.

    I'll watch tomorrow's match and cheer him on despite selling. Be nice if he didn't get the GWG though! 😉

    In the longer term, there's a very good chance I'll buy back in at the end of the season in the dip, depending on decisions FI make regarding share expiry, retirement and of course IS.

    In case you're wondering what I did with the money. Appreciate it's not everyone's choice, but it went into Joao Felix (*1.3 Felix for every Messi). Reasons below. The alternatives were Dybala (top up), Griezmann (top up) or Sancho.

    Joao Felix Positives

    • Huge career ahead of him (12+ years). 20 years old with international, CL, PB League experience
    • First team starter
    • Whilst not PB friendly, I'm confident Simeone and Atletico will improve him vastly as an all round player and keep his head down
    • Very strong all round attacking game. Confident this will ride most waves and any possible changes to the PB matrix
    • His set piece ability is relatively unknown at present, but imagine there's potential there
    • Potential for bigger move in next few years
    • Price hasn't recovered fully to peak of £4.80ish. Relatively static recently
    • Euros and WC in next few years
    • Preferable to Sancho due to price (almost 1/4) and risk. Just my opinion, but Sancho at Utd would be great under the current MB system whuch may change, but I'm unconvinced that his PB game would be as strong as it is at Dortmund. There's a high probability I'll be proven wrong, but just my gut instinct.


    • Risk. I personally view young players as quite risky. No doubt there is huge demand on FI but in terms of development. Their career can rocket or nosedive pretty quickly
    • Very little potential for MB as it stands. Foreign media could improve this, but still, Portuguese players unlikely to dominate national papers in Spain? (obviously with one exception)

    As you can see and imagine, I hesitated a lot on this and still unsure if I've made the right choice, so genuinely interested to hear the views of others here. I wouldn't normally post a whole thread about selling a single player so feel free to ignore as you wish.

  • Really like Felix as a player and I'm sure at some point in the future he will be worth far more than he is now. However, I don't really have any interest in holding him whilst he's at Atletico, yeah he might improve a bit but he's at such a disadvantage when it comes to PB. Also a little side point, he's started 17 times in the league and been subbed 13 which won't help, Atletico seem to want to rotate their front men

  • @Metropolis Messi right now. Personally I’d have switched from him to Felix a little later.
    Atletico Madrid just kills everything, his price is the same as a year ago. I will be getting on Felix as soon as I sense a move or Simeone going is possible. If they’d have lost to Liverpool I’d have bought in then as I think he’d have gone at the end of the season if they had.
    I think he’ll be a great player and he may bang goals in this season and if he does your move will be vindicated. Best of luck.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Thanks mate. Poll not looking good at the moment. Fingers crossed!

  • @Metropolis When I say “I think he’d have gone at the end of the season” I meant Simeone!
    Felix will get some price boost when he does.

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