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  • New poster here so please be gentle. I wanted to buy some more shares in a player I already have so thought I would check the depth of the instant sell market and came upon something peculiar... his instant sell price rose the more i wanted to sell! I thought the opposite was supposed to happen.!0_1592025373657_Screenshot_20200613-055057_Football INDEX.jpg 1st share instant sell price is 0.43p0_1592025447446_Screenshot_20200613-055103_Football INDEX.jpg 2nd share instant sell price is 0.37p0_1592025503538_Screenshot_20200613-055110_Football INDEX.jpg 3rd share also 0.37p0_1592025540249_Screenshot_20200613-055118_Football INDEX.jpg 4th share 0.39p0_1592025633820_Screenshot_20200613-055126_Football INDEX.jpg 5th share also 0.39p0_1592025707879_Screenshot_20200613-055137_Football INDEX.jpg 6th share 0.33p0_1592025751003_Screenshot_20200613-055144_Football INDEX.jpg 7th share 0.38p0_1592025798667_Screenshot_20200613-055152_Football INDEX.jpg 8th share also 0.38p0_1592025837388_Screenshot_20200613-055201_Football INDEX.jpg 9th share also 0.38p0_1592025887147_Screenshot_20200613-055210_Football INDEX.jpg 10th share also 0.38p
    I get that as an average of the amount of shares i want to sell the price is dropping but surely if for 1 share the price is 0.43p and for the second share its 0.40p then to sell 2 I should get 0.83p not 0.80p

    • your 2%comission

  • Plus it could be 1 trader is offering 1 share at that price and another is offering more with the ME

  • Those figures don’t include commission though, which is withdrawn after you’ve confirmed the sale.

    There is a known bug with the system. The matching engine should sell at the highest available price first and then drift downwards in price (depending on the depth of bids that exist) the more futures you try to sell. It should be impossible to sell, for example, 20 futures at a higher average price than 10 futures - but in some cases people have found that’s not the case.

  • I decided to try this out and sold the 1st 2 shares individually. sold 1st one for 0.43p and got 0.42p after commission and sold the 2nd one for 0.39p and got 0.38p after commission, so thats 0.80p after commission. If i would have sold 2 shares for 0.80p, i would have received 0.78p after commission.
    Doesn't matter much when you are playing with small figures but would at the top end of the market.

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