• Fear of missing out. Is this something that is a really a big thing? I couldn't give a shit if I missed out on big rises to be honest and when I sell way to early or buy at the wrong time it wouldn't bother me at all.

  • @Tom7471 I must admit I'm experiencing some degree of FOMO not holding Messi as he lines up against Mallorca in the first gold day back. Sitting on my hands...

  • @Tom7471 I'm getting better but I do still suffer from it.

    Annoys me when sometimes my watchlist is out performing my portfolio but i'm too stubborn to get on board certain players cos I think I've already missed the peak (yet they continue to rise!).

    The ones I do then take the plunge on invariably drop. Sod's law!

  • Fomo for me is a real thing.
    I have never been swayed by one off performances where someone scores in a game and ticker gets busy with said player flying along and I never pay attention to trending list which thankfully is full of randomers goijng up with no value in lots of cases due to being unlisted.
    However where fomo gets me is guys on my scout list who I have made my mind up to get but anything positive will make me dive in earlier then planned.
    Example today is Ryan cherki only sold him last couple of weeks as I wanted to shift onto someone else with the profits ... I thought I’ll get him back mid summer on matching engine at value some stage.
    This morning I read no doubt some bs link with him being on united radar... can’t see happening and see also a few buys on ticker.
    What do I do ... fold like a cheap suit and get back a position on him at full price purely irrationally for fomo!
    Its the impulsive thing of knowing u going to do a trade in future but stupidly rushing in at first sign of any tiny positive signals for FOMO!

  • I think FOMO is definitely a big thing in FI and it takes a lot of self training to get over. From my perspective, I just trade on trends and pretty much missed the EPL trend which I thought would be coming about now. Did flip a few quite obvious players but was frustrating to see the rises in players like martinelli and Rashford but the big think that's kept me disciplined is that theres always another opportunity so even if u do see the rockets going off on a player u intended to buy, just dust yourself off, focus your mind and spot the next one

  • Massive, you have to to buy players who no one else is for the big rises.
    All to easy to buy at the top with FOMO.

  • @Tom7471 I don’t get FOMO in any shape or form. It comes from the discipline required from earning a living from punting and trading sports markets. As soon as you bet on emotion you’re fucked. People are just getting away with it on here for now because of the growing market.

  • This is very interesting to me. Never had it in any way shape or form. I had 1000 shares in Bruno at £2 and sold the lot when he wasn't going to united at £2.80 and I couldn't give a shit that he is now £10. Same with certain players I like who I didn't buy at 90p who are now £2.80. I always wondered if fomo was something that only a small amount people had but this has really got me thinking.

  • From a neuroscience point of view, I would say FOMO is rooted firmly in the reactions of our autonomic nervous system.

    The next time you feel like you are about to miss out, take a deep, deep breath with a slow exhale. Feel in your body where you are. You are likely tight in your chest and arms. This is because you are in the activated fight-flight part of your ANS. This in turn has switched your brain from a rational decision-making tool to one that perceives threat and danger. Focus on the breath, stretch it out or speak to a friend about whether you think it is a good idea to buy or not. You are not making good decisions in such circumstances.

  • Definitely traded on FOMO for my first 6 months. I made very little money in an explosive market. I was often selling players at a loss, who if I kept to this day would likely be 1000%.. Ouch.
    Nowadays I like to set up my port so I have a lot of skin in the game, this stops me trading on matchdays (when FOMO at its peak.)

  • @Tom7471 I sold him at £4-5 I think just before the transfer was confirmed just because I thought about the drawback if it didn’t happen and likewise don’t care what happens after that.
    Just make sure you’re on the next one.
    The nearest I’ve been to FOMO was last week I was about to pull the trigger on Sanches at £2.15, got sidetracked and came back ten minutes later to £2.19, so I went in anyway. He has serious sentiment and will get a real boost before Ligue 1 restarts.

  • This sounds like a video topic?

    I don’t really have a fear of the players that I haven’t bought rising... just a fear of the ones that I have bought not doing so!

  • Fomo I would argue fomo is different on this platform to traditional gambling as u see your positions over a much longer time in your face every time u look at your watch lists.
    On as side note is their any thread for sharing traditional gambling systems .... I have a few areas that make profit over time in the very few times I get on.... I’d say a lot of similar like minded types here ... could be interesting insights to be shared.

  • @PaulM I did a podcast with Tom from FootballIndexClub last Sunday talking about this exact topic....

  • I'm still new on here and certainly bought on FOMO.

    Even in this short period we've learnt, build our watchlist, stick to what we know, don't go chasing, watch someone else chase their dream and when someone flies after selling, remember that you invested elsewhere and you had growth there as well. Works most of the time as one talks the other out of FOMO

  • Even after a year of being on FI I still struggle with FOMO. I set myself a deposit threshold of £10k which I have now reached and have no cash balance. Yet, there are 3 players I have identified as long term prospects who I think I can pick up pretty cheaply via ME. I'm really having to force myself not to deposit more funds or IS some of my portfolio. It's not easy!

  • @Benzemabob said in FOMO:

    @Tom7471 I must admit I'm experiencing some degree of FOMO not holding Messi as he lines up against Mallorca in the first gold day back. Sitting on my hands...

    Same here. Sold my stake in him yesterday. Rationality being to derisk - IF he doesn't win tonight could be a big drop, or at end of the season. Too good an opportunity to sell though with a long term view.

    Doesn't help the FOMO though today. I'm usually OK, but this is the one player we expect to deliver every time. On the upside, I still love him as a player so I'll be happy if he wins, but yeah, nicer if I was still holding.

  • I am often paralysed by FOMO but not in the buying sense. It's the selling side I suffer with it - I hold on to what were intended flips for far too long in case they rise significantly and I miss out. I then tell myself "ok these are now long term holds" when in reality they were never meant to be.

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