Sandro Wagner

  • Scores a fair amount of goals for Bayern when lewendowki don’t play . He’s almost guarantee to be on plane to World Cup with Germany . Why there’s not many interest in Wagner ? Scored 2 today and price only gone up by 1p. Surely at 77p cheap for a striker playing for a top team . Am a newbie , any advice would be helpful thanks

  • You've sort of answered your own question. He scores a fair few when lewandowski doesn't play but that's hardly ever. Wagner has played 10 games all season so you're only going to have a game every now and again for him to win anything. Plus he's over 30 so not likely to start getting more game time in the future.

  • @Stevo thanks for reply , I must say FI forum is very useful !

  • i purchased him for a quick flip when he made his move but his value didn't go one bit as the German market is just not fashionable in these parts... He's typically German, boring but productive and on that basis he's lost me a few pence in total (so far) rather than earned me a few quid...

    That said... Everyone on FI gets to have their day and in Wagner Bayern have a reliable goalscorer who can't keep being ignored. I brought a handful at 0.86 to test the markets.. He's now worth 0.77 but they'll be a stage within the next year that he's near 1.00 so I'm not worried as he's low risk and certainly has a chance of being on that plane.

    Like unfashionable German strikers before him it wouldn't surprise me if he scores 4/5 goals in the WC which would spike his value but whilst I don't really see him doubling in value... I certainly don't see him losing you much either if you were to take a gamble on 50 or so tops. Wouldn't waste my time going in all on him though.

  • @dannypea
    I agree totally with you mate . There’s definitely value in Sandro Wagner , now till end of season all it takes is hatrick and win pb. Price hopefully will rise . Don’t forget he plays for Bayern Munich and get chances on the plate .

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