Would You Invest In A Hypothetical Stand Alone, Non Pooled German Football Index?(Poll)

  • A pooled German Football Index would be great but maybe not possible. But a new Football Index just starting out. Having the knowledge you know do you see a great investment opportunity? Or maybe you are concerned this wouldn't work in Germany. What say you the people?

  • @Dalian-Smith i voted no but its not based on just Germany. If they dont pool with Germany but did with other countries then im happy with that but id prefer if they just didnt expand into any country that they cant get pooled liquidity from because their management and tech team are already stretched and i worry they will neglect one to support an other which could result in a bad press for the whole product

  • @Dalian-Smith If we can't get pooled liquidity but they still open a market in Germany we wont be able to gamble in it. @Black-wolf it would be a whole separate site and I expect they'd open up a HQ etc... in Germany, I doubt they would run it from UK.

  • @Shippers It's more of a hypothetical. I did say 'if was possible'. There is another way of looking at this poll though. Should the dream of pooled become reality. Would folk be happy in a trading in a market with strong German sensibilities. Some of the English biases might be tested. I'd be interested to see how many people would be interested in trading in a hypothetical German Football index for that and other reasons. I take on board though concerns this might destabilise the UK market regardless of the benefits of trading in a virgin trading environment.

  • @Dalian-Smith I get what your saying but it's not physically possible if pooled liquidity doesnt happen, I just wanted to point that out in case people got their hope's up. Think it's fair to say all of us would take the opportunity up if it arose because of our knowledge.

    In terms of pooled liquidity, yeah would be a shitter if it didnt happen but realistically we need one country in and itsπŸš€πŸš€. Following Q&A the other day, Adam cole said we had a 6 figure user base, that's isnt even close to bet365 / Skybet so means plenty of growth for UK still, I just hope they sort their tech out in time and comms πŸ™„

  • You would have to live in Germany to be able to trade on it and pass the DD checks. You could buy shares in the FI subsidiary which would be running a German FI, but I wouldn't be interested. Different tax systems, legalities, etc.

  • @Dalian-Smith said in Would You Invest In A Hypothetical Stand Alone, Non Pooled German Football Index?(Poll):


    I have voted yes. But the reality is if it is not pooled , then unless I move to Germany to do so, it is not an option.
    I invested heavily in Bundesliga players when AC eluded to Germany being in the mix. I will repeat, my biggest gripe with FI is communication.

    AC, you are personally taking control of market cycles by making vague market comments. My suggestion, take control of your product and start steering the ship in a direction that makes us all comfortable getting on board.

  • 100% yes.

    I'd consider moving! I wish I'd have not been so cautious a couple of years ago when I first discovered FI. And I wish I'd jumped on the previously mentioned but must remain unnamed rival!

    Theres something amazingly profitable about jumping on the at the ground floor of something new.

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