High value players post WC

  • I've been looking through the Index and looking at the growth of the high valued players, top 10 kind of area.
    I know this will be the first WC but I'm wondering what everyone thinks will happen to the value of the high priced players post WC, or if they leave early but still have a lot of transfer spec.
    So Neymar, Messi, Kane, Salah, Ronaldo, Griezmann & Pogba etc
    If any of Brazil, Argentina, England, Egypt, Portugal and/or France exit early (or even if they go far in the competition), do you think we will see a big dip in these players once they leave the competition or do you think their prices will remain around the same because of possible transfer spec for the rest of the summer? As they're all going to be there or thereabouts with transfers whether they do or don't move anyway.
    Interested to hear what people think! Thanks

  • This question will be more accurately answered for Salah, Ronaldo, Griezmann after the domestic season is finished as we'll see how many people were holding for CL/EL buzz.
    For Kane I think there's no doubt he'll suffer a huge drop when we're KO'd (could be a good time to buy as I reckon he'll recover when the transfer rumours start).
    Neymar, I can't see dropping at all, he's such a mercenary and will have strong transfer spec, no matter what club he is at, for the next 5 years.
    Messi I think will drop too, he suffered a minor crash after CL elimination and I don't see Argentina as having enough to really challenge at WC. He also doesn't really have any transfer spec to support his price.
    Pogba will stay where he is I think, absolutely loves a media day as is always in the news

  • @Blue-Python said in High value players post WC:

    Griezmann will suffer badly, only the WC and EL propping his price up, his transfer is pretty much nailed on to Barca, so no transfer spec, look at the crash PC took after his move to Barca

  • Just like what happened in the UCL last week I see a drop in value on 'some' of the players when their teams get knocked out of the WC but no more than 10-15% at worst... But in each game a top team wins whoever performs in those matches will also rise similar amounts so it will balance itself out no doubt....

    The question for me rather than who goes up and down 'during' the WC (as those going far will do well, those that don't will do badly) is what happens before and after... ie Alexis Sanchez who's not playing at all... do people take out what little futures they have in him to re-invest in players appearing in the WC? How does this effect his value?? How does it effect the Italians or the Dutch players??? and what about after when all the dust has settled??? Drops in val before rises again for the transfer markets??

    I don't think anyone should be worried.. This whole 'game' is based on growth over a period of time and the longer you have your portfolio the more it should grow in profit! Good players will always make you money!!!

  • I see Toby Alderweireld has a safe haven currency of football.... I only hold 60 of him now after making good profit. However he’s about 6/4 to go to united and will be in the Belgium squad a Spurs defender Sanchez or Jan both worth £1.70 without transfer talk so at what £1.80 he seems safe being the best of the three a good World Cup and a transfer will help his price rise... any signs of Barca or Madrid and sell before the bubble rises and gets ready to pop he’s only a defender remember and rule of thumb would be like for like with VVD so maybe upto £2-75 and popping back to £1-75 £2 he may get back to three quid if he performs like a otimendi too

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