Thiago silver

  • Interested in people’s thoughts on him. Yeah he’s 35 but available on a free, might he solve a short term issue at spurs or arsenal. Worth a small punt at £0.31p or waste of money ?


  • @Matt-flint I'd check what your exit plan is. Might get a move, but what happens if not?

  • @Moukoko Definitely leaving PSG tho not sure who will take a punt at this age

  • My guess is Silva will be in China, Turkey, the Middle East or back in Brazil next season. So completely irrelevant to FI.

    My interest is who partners Kimpembe at PSG? Do you think Marquinhos drops back into CB or do you think Abdou Diallo gets more game time?

  • @Matt-flint sorry I worded that a bit wrong. There is no longer IS as an option, so where is your get out if he doesn't get a move or gets a move to a worse club?

    His current ME sell price is listed as 21p, so who is buying off you if he doesn't get a favourable move? Essentially it would be dead money.

    While that's technically true for everyone, he is a lot more likely to retire than a 25 year old free agent, and at the moment he is on allegedly 12 million euros a year, so who is paying him that in the current climate?

    I'd say it's a crazy high risk, and I am not even sure if he signed for a prem club, you'd be able to sell him

  • @Moukoko yeah I understand your point. High risk for not a lot of gain really, even with a prem move he prob doesn’t even hit £0.50p.

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