Lost a bit of the buzz of late - inspire me with some positivity - what is making you happy in the Index of late?

  • Other than the prem returning, of course?

  • News that OGS is going to build a Bruno Pog partnership.

    Pogba makes me happy on FI.

  • Yeah I'm excited to see Poggers reach his potential.

  • The big marketing budget is also good news. The previous campaign was just starting to show results in the market before covid. Now an even bigger one could be a massive boost.

  • The fact I seam to have found a magic money printing press that is called FI .

    FI is the single best thing I have ever been part of, long as my port grows im happy lol

  • @PMurph market prices largely holding steady despite the global situation, a few dips though to buy into, opportunities to get some bargains on the ME, possible improvements to come to both MB and PB and a speculated dividend increase too. Plus the PL is back and it's the weekend tomorrow. Have a good one all.

  • Although its been shaky lately on the forum you have a great online community to talk to about all things FI. Its your circle of viirtual friends that are always available with priceless advice. Where else can you find a community as familar and interactive as this

  • Ignore the naysayers, the doom-mongers, the fear-mongers, the fish-mongers, the croakers, the alarmists and the footstock fetishists......football is back and FI are paying PB dividends. My port only has about 30 players and I have spiked it with 4 different players in the last week.....Sterling and Rodriguez taking positional wins with their last pass/dribble of the game. That's what it's all about!

    Ask yourself one question. Do you think FI, as a business, are struggling to the extent that they will collapse? In my head I have answered that with a big fat NO, altho none of us can be certain. Once you've done that you can relax, be optimistic that FI will sort themselves out and that they will deliver on their roadmap. They are paying dividends, right now, and if they deliver the sell side, with full order book plus a dividend increase this place will be awash with joy, belief and elbow bumps.

    Some ifs and buts there but take the time to survey the landscape, readjust your port and, if you have cash, snap up some bargains.

    Apologies if this message comes across as overly positive 🙌🏼

  • Looking forward to all of it, easy to forget covid has decimated lots of business.
    Football is back and I expect the index to rise and gain more momentum when the proposed marketing is in full swing.
    I’m pretty confident that the index will have some very good promo’s up there sleeve and hopefully div increases they are just waiting for the right moment.
    Already looking forward to the euro’s next year😂

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