Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Thank god for the news that his potentially going to wc, had him on red for ages . I was tempted to sell yesterday at loss of 21p a share . Today his prices just shot up . Happy day lol

  • Hope you have now sold

  • @LG I was quick to press the instant sell button , I actually sold at yesterday peak price on him which am happy and relive . Overall my portfolio taken a beating over past few days .
    Michi batsui ankle break made it even worst . I guess u win some n lose some .

  • @NewUser126583 bad luck with Batshuayi mate. I was tempted to get him at around £1.50. Good goalscorer. Potential return to chelsea or transfer elsewhere. Playing for belgium again England. What's not to like. For some reason though I didn't buy any. He'll come good again. Just depends if you want to hold on I guess!

  • Bonkers the lot of you investing in Zlatan, has been my thought, hey what do I know nice rise from his low and on the up....
    Still bonkers though.
    I hope he scores a hat-trick on his Sweden WC return - not sure how the Swedish striker who is going to miss out will feel about the Intl retirement change of heart. Zlatan should keep out if his way in the warm-ups in training..

  • Good old Zlatan
    Two ways of looking at him I reckon
    Bad, a 36yo with a dodgy knee playing in USA, stay well clear!
    Good, he came out and said he will be going to Russia, if he stays fit and ends up going he will most likely rise to the top 200 and win a few MB’s
    Is it worth the gamble? Logic would say no as there are safer bets however loads of traders seem to think otherwise and are taking a punt, if he goes he will generate a great ROI for sure

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