Prem player to rise in first round of fixtures

  • So just for fun and little experiment have 2 guesses of who do people think will rise the most in pence and another who will rise the most percentage wise from the first round of premiership football
    If there are enough responses by 5 tomorrow I'll tally up who got the most votes in both and see if the forum can predict rises
    It will finishes after the man city Vs burnely game on 22nd

  • Massive amount of ifs and buts. Do they start? do they perform? Do they appear to have had a change of circumstance?

    With that last question in mind in saying

    %age: Joao Cancelo/Kieran Tierney
    Pennies: Phil Foden/Ruben Neves

    You said 2 for each, right?

    City are very interesting at present because based on a potential change of circumstance, or at least an inferred change of circumstance, I might just as easily have picked Gaby Jesus, but again, lots of ifs and buts.

    Ruben Neves gets in because Wolves first game back is vs Wet Spam, and what do centre mids tend to do vs Wet Spam? They tend to win gold day divs

  • Always a lots of if and buts but the one guy who does perform who everyone is debating whether to jump on usually has a decent rise
    Couple of decent picks and wonder if neves Carrys on the westham curse

  • Not good involved in the EPL restart very hard to predict with enough confidence the risers having seen what happened with the Bundesliga; players won PB and dropped.

    Don’t think it’s anything to do with lack of confidence in the platform, the introduction or ME or removal of IS just many traders being uncertain of decent opportunities other than following the big accounts into the top end.

    I’m preparing for next season, back to 3 subs no fixture congestion no worries about COVID; we’ll have had the MB review, dividends increased most likely and from the FIG cast PB will remain more or less the same. That stability should see the rises we saw in October- November and before we know it were talking about Euro21 😜

  • So hard to say, so many variables. As we have seen in other leagues, the impact of the 5 subs rule means so many players aren't completing the 90 minutes and as a result their PB scores are being affected. I had it last night with El Haddadi who looked to be on course for a decent PB score until he was hooked after 60 mins.

    That said, Arsenal/Man City/Aston Villa/Sheff Utd all play twice in the first round of fixtures so 2 chances for those players to impress traders. I would also expect to see a few of the previously injured players that return to get a bit of a price boost. The likes of Brooks, McGinn, Pulisic, Schlupp, Sane, Laporte, Redmond, Pogba, Kane and Son.

    I'll plump for Pogba (pence) and Pulisic (%).

  • Pence wise - Jesus
    Percentage wise - Doherty

  • @Vaughany
    Yeah I cud see a youth player from city or arsenal rising loads if one of them does well as they are first game back, rashford might just rise the most at this rate tho 😂

  • penny wise - Gilmour
    % wise - Nketiah

  • @R2d2 first game back actually villa vs shuffle Utd. I've bought Mousset in the hope he can hit the ground running although one of the blaces fans on the forum told me him and Wilder aren't seeing eye to eye tho, but still, if he starts he could be a %age contender

  • Du Bryne,Bruno Fernandez,

  • I could see Saka getting a big rise if Arsenal turn over Man City and he's one of the better players on the pitch.

  • Foden and Martinelli, I hold neither ffs🙄

  • Sterling and a Wolves player, say Jota, as they have a nice run early on

  • Pence Sterling. Most definitely undervalued.

    % Vardy. Will hit a hat trick on Saturday

  • @MickTurbo Moussett had a fitness problem before lockdown basically a chubster
    However this was likely down to his brother and best friend passing away over Christmas, however looks way leaner post lockdow

    What I will say is if he can get lean/fit he won’t be a 40/50p player and be deffo won’t be playing for us.

    Just needs to get fitter

  • @Bashamsarriving said in Prem player to rise in first round of fixtures:

    Just needs to get fitter

    Don't we all?

  • @Gregolocky need to jump on them then if u think there gunna rise

  • Defenders are the flaour of the month .. and my punt is Benjamin Mendy - if he can get a run of games like pre covid he looked good again

  • @MI25 said in Prem player to rise in first round of fixtures:

    Defenders are the flaour of the month .. and my punt is Benjamin Mendy - if he can get a run of games like pre covid he looked good again

    No offence to you but the amount of times I've heard this during my time on here, I dread to think how much money people have lost by keep thinking he's gonna turn things around

  • @ChazFI123

    No probs.. depends when one bought in . ..

    I took the risk after seeing him play in his last few games pre covid .. was beginning to look good again .. hope he starts.

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