best trade ever?

  • just wondered what peoples best trade ever was? both in terms of cash and also what drove the profit?

  • Salah bought for 2.40

    At the time, mane was higher priced and I thought salah was more of a goalscorer and more likeable so could hit 3.50

  • what price did you sell them at?

  • For ROI Zlatan bought for £2.29 Sold for £4.85 although that was iver 4 1/2months

    For quick turn around Toby bought at 81p which was the bottom and sold for £1.39 which was the top 2hours later

    For trading smart its selling Marcelo when everyone thought he was injured for profit and buying back much cheaper only for him to rise back to put me in a stronger position. All withn 10mins

    Those are the three that stick in my mind

  • @NewUser115892 said in best trade ever?:

    what price did you sell them at?

    I sold half of them for £9.30, kept the other half

  • Not very impressive in terms of percentage but got quite a bit of satisfaction from buying Koke and Niguez when they dropped at the start of media fortnight and selling them just before the EL started again.

    Was only about 15% after commission but was so low risk and straight forward, it was pretty satisfying.

  • Salah at 4.52 and I've still got him and has returned so many dividends. But actual bought and sold I turned Justin Kluivert over for 58% ROI

  • Salah for me aswell. I still have all of him.

  • Best trade in the making. I fairly recently loaded up on Depay. Saw his potential for pb especially with fekir out and Lyons really easy fixture finale for the end of the season. He since won pb 3 weekends in a row and I dare say he could pinch 1 or 2 more by end of the season. A return of 29.25% in dividends and 57% capital gains to date. Very satisfying!

  • I earned some doe on Depay and Shaqiri. Knew I'd make value on both in terms of transfer interest, especially Shaqiri. Stoke will be relegated soon, he's definitely leaving.

  • My best trade was selling up on 100 Neymar for £11.50 a month ago. I bought at an average price of £3.00 about a year ago, and rode through some uncertainty and dips and stagnation.

    Really proud of myself because I (uncharacteristically) held my nerve and was then able to withdraw a lot of money at a time I really needed it. I know there's still some value in Neymar but being able to turn £300 into over £1000 on one trade feels damn good.

  • @playingcards1

    Well done perfect trading and balance to pay £3 and sell for 11-50 is so ungready meny will wait for the full three years and could be there downfall to take 8-50 profit plus divs is at least 300% profit in a year!!

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