Is the market down more than usual and is the portfolio page lagging for anyone?

  • Lots of 24 hour fallers, and the site freezes on my portfolio page on my laptop.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser not freezing, but portfolio is down. Seems to be across the board.

    Either people are expecting a promo/ Deposit Bonus and withdrawing, or money being taken out for other uses. Hopefully the former.

  • Mine is tanking on 95% of 22 player portfolio

  • Happens from time to time, I shit myself in October but listened to the old hats (even the banned ones) and we bounced back in a few days after FI reacted.

    If they bring the div announcement forward then it will be quite a turn around; if they leave it until August could see drops for a while yet

  • I have noticed a drop in the last couple of days. Have also listed small amounts in each of my players just to see where the market is and only 2 have shifted.

  • @Sav2000 site's allowed to drop I guess, just makes you question some of your holds.

  • Im really lucky as it seems the players that have been dropping for me have been reinvested into Rashford, im flying!!! :-)

  • It’s just long sell queues at the minute, if/when those shares are bought or removed from the queue prices shoot back up.
    As far as I’m aware all the shares are still in circulation because of the introduction of no IS back to FI.
    Open to other ideas on this though

  • Mines been dropping gradually since ME came in with just a bid side. However, if that’s a comment that FI class as dissing their product then I’ll change it to say my port is flying and ME is the greatest invention of all time with no faults at all 😂

  • some twitter chatter about a deposit bonus due - i usually take it with a pinch of salt and then a week later it happens and i think 'feck me - how did people know'?

    Maybe a friend of a friend told a friend that something was going to happen, and they have told a friend who can't hold their water and the rumour is trickling out.

    Im taking no notice of it and leaving my money where it is.

  • @Millerman I agree if it is a DB then the money that's draining out of my port right now, will just go back in either when DB is confirmed or if its found to be BS it will go back in either way. To be fair my ports has been hammered for the last couple of days i seem to be holding pretty much everyone at the top of the decrease list right now, but i am not worried as i cant see any fundamental differences in my holds from a week ago when they were all well up.

    I think there might be a few factors affecting my port at the moment. The demise of ze germans (personally i prefer to hold over to next season to preserve the positions i have already in my holdings rather then scramble to get back on holds before UCL and german 20/21 season so i was expecting to take a bit of a hit over this) The over buying of Odeegard and the subsequent Knee-jerk over reaction to him looking a bit rusty the other day. Massive drops in the prices of Bruno and Pogba for no apparent reason, also any early EPL trend investors from a couple of weeks ago, are now probably all looking to sell before any EPL ball is kicked so they all have recently listed as we are on the verge of the prem returning. Also Werner allegedly coming out of the RB UCL squad to go and acclimatize at Chelsea allegedly is not doing wonders for his price at the moment, add to that the world and his wife want a bit of Rashy right now, who i don't hold. So i think this is why i am down a fair bit, but i see all of these things as temporary blips, and not really much to worry about as overall picture is that i am still way way up on where i was 3 months ago, so if i see a little bit of red for a few days i am not to bothered given that i have not seen any for months. If i had any spare cash at the moment (which i unfortunately don't) i would be shopping off the current top 200 decrease list and making the most of the opportunity, buy the dip and all that.

  • Yep, agree 9n both fronts.

    Lots of decrease in value and also freezing a lot .. .

    FI defo need to bring fwd any positive plans for the future.

  • big names down today- big div earners..but yeh maybe a bunch predicting some action from Fi and they are players that would have a lot of money held up in them. We've always seen patterns in the build up to bonuses...loose lips sink ships. But weve also seen patterns around the end of season too- ports get shifted to MB focus. But this is an odd summer coming.

  • I don't hold many German/Spanish league players, nor do I hold any of the big guys or even many of the main fallers, which made me question whether it was a wider scale thing. People predicting deposit bonus would make sense.

  • If any of you hold Bruno, you swill notice that he dropped by 8p in an instant which suggests someone or a group have listed possibly to try and manipulate the market like they did last week (i suspect his price will rebound before the end of the day to +10.25)

    other contributory factors im guessing
    yesterday especially we may be back into the old Monday sell off cycle

    FS have also been doing a bonus this week so there will have inevitably been people speculating on that.

    speculation on some sort of announcement

  • Banned

    i look at it based on simple facts...i could be wrong but it has not failed me yet

    always look at it in the view of whats wrong with that he moving to a rubbish club probably he injured no......have ppl taken money out because they need it for real life things possibly....
    will they reach that price again most likely
    buy low sell high as they say ;)

  • @Advinculas-Index
    Maybe people are on jumping on to Rashford??
    I know what you mean though as you called the bruno dip and rise perfectly previously.

  • @King-Fergus said in Is the market down more than usual and is the portfolio page lagging for anyone?:

    Maybe people are on jumping on to Rashford??

    That ll be another contributory factor yes.
    Hes up 43p in the last 24 hours so thats somewhere in the ballpark of £250 - £300k if ive got my sums correct

  • Also something I have noticed (been trading just over a year now) is that the money constantly swills round the top 10, with a new player popping up every now and then (into the top 10).

    It's really down to how many you hold in who - I have always held around the same number (until March this year when i decided to go deep into Rashford) at this moment its good for me, i have no doubt he will have his drops - but as a long term hold (for me until the 2022 W/C as I have said loads before and people will be eye rolling that I have said it before) and that's when I will be deciding to take the profit on him. Hopefully by then he will be the £15 mark I was expecting so I can take the profit and still have around 100 of him to tick over.

    What do people do when they have 1,000's of shares in a player - im shitting it with 400 in one!

  • Mine is down compared to yesterday. As others have said, one reason is that traders are freeing up money to pump into Rashford.

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