Portfolio Value vs Real Value

  • I thought I would do a little analysis of my portfolio to work out the difference between the portfolio value I'm presented with when I log on and the value I can realistically achieve in the current market.

    I currently hold 42 players (all in the sale queue, but understandably there have been no takers so far) with a combined 'portfolio value' (minus 2% commission) of £5,074.34.

    Of these 5 players (3 playing in PB leagues and the other 2 likely to be promoted to a PB league in the coming weeks) have no matching engine bids at all. The remaining 37, if I were to instant sell right now and minus 2% commission, have a combined value of £3,045.25.

    This equates to just 60% of my published portfolio value, which itself is approximately 5% down in the last 3 weeks.

    Obviously this is a gambling website, portfolios can go up and down over time and all the usual risks of serious injury, retirement and a move to China apply... but for FI to wipe off circa 40% of my realistically achievable portfolio value by a change that is entirely within its control is not good.

    As a result, I've decided to downgrade my review of FI on Trustpilot from 5* to 3* and refer to the above problem in my comments, which I think is entirely reasonable to do.

    Of course there are two changes we know about on the horizon: (i) the introduction of a 2% matching engine 'buy' commission at the end of July; and, (ii) the ability for sellers to create sell orders at a price they decide. But I'm struggling to see how either of these changes will have a positive impact on prices. If anything, they could just create further falls.

    I would encourage others to perform similar calculations and think "what is my portfolio actually worth" in the current matching engine world?

  • @ocs123

    I'm waiting for the changes by FI - of they think the premiership is about to start and everything will automatically be ok then they are deluded.

    Subject to changes I will decide whether its worth contuning or not.

    But i'm optimistic, i dont think FI can cock this up after so much hard work in recent years. And ofnthe platform kicks in again then I will benefit as I havent withdrawn anything.. . Maybe they can reward existing traders who have not withdraw their koney in the past 3 months as show of loyalty!!! Im dreaming i guess . .

  • @MI25

    Yes, likewise, I'm trying to be patient at the moment.

    FI normally have a good record of correcting issues and problems with the market, but things don't look great at the moment.

  • how do you change your trust pilot review?

  • Whilst sell orders will reduce the market sale price of players you will be able to set sell order prices above the current instant sell bid prices and therefore achieve a higher value than your current £3,045.25.

    Trying to price a portfolio for a rapid sale is very difficult if it is top 100 players only it might be 90% but with lesser players it is obviously much lower but when sell orders come in the spread between prices will narrow.

  • Its a very hard time for the Index right now isn't it. I thought they did a great job with the media madness and with changing the amount of games for silver and gold days but sadly the damage that a matching engine has done might not be able to be fixed. The idea that I am buying players at 66% discount is not good for the index as people will be losing good chunks of money and I can imagine these traders probably won't come back unless FI manage to sort this all out.

  • @Westy

    Just log on, go into ‘my reviews’ (which is in a drop down menu via your name) and click edit.

  • If we sell to demand not a lot changes. Unless of course we hold players that will never be in demand. This new world is just going to require more patience rather than offloading a poor trade at a small loss whenever we like.

  • I think if you trade sensibly and have a balanced portfolio that keeps picking up dividends its still better than having your money in a bank.

  • Not precise figures but I could instant sell the lot now and pay fractionally over 10% pre-commission although for those players that I hold more than 300 of I cant really comment on market depth, but on the figures available, 10%. I suspect I'd have been looking at a similar hit pre-ME.

    Theres also a conversation to be had about how idiotic it would be of me to IS certain of my players at this time because of factors like being temporarily off trend, so my more trendy players I could of course IS for a far less severe hit right now, paying maybe 3-4%.

  • Act in haste, repent at leisure!

    Whilst I have been and still am critical of recent changes, I still have money in FI.

    I don't see that giving negative trust pilot reviews will do anything other than give you 2 seconds satisfaction and potentially put off new traders.

    Give it a month. Let's see what happens with spreads etc.

  • @MickTurbo Yes Mick you're right...But what about people who have divided portfolio (like myself)?I have few players who I could sell right now, with profit bur also lots of different players which I saw could rise even during good performances during the games.
    Lately...I'm terrified seeing that ticker doesn't move at all during the games.
    I believe big part of the problem is fear...No one wants to buy players knowing that they might have a problem with selling those.
    I have 60% of portfolio in the players where 2 months ago I was certain that I will sell them with no problem - but after last few weeks...I see that I might have a problem...big one!

  • @Maverik just responding to the OP mate. I know there are people worse affected by this than me, but I would ask, do you see the players you hold becoming trendy at some point in the foreseeable future? If yes just keep hold. My trendy players i could sell for only a few % hit. My less trendy ones, a bigger hit of course. But theyll come back on trend and at that point, if I so desire, I'll be able to IS them as well for just a few % hit

  • I've looked at my portfolio and believe that during the next 2 years (forgetting the 3 year bet rule) there will be an opportunity to sell all my players at a higher price than what I have paid, with the obvious caveat of serious career threatening injuries.

    14 of my port (26 players) are bleeders at the moment, albeit most are only just in negative territory. Remaining both patient and positive when seeing large amounts of red when you switch on the app appears to be the most consistent challenge for most on here, including me but that is what we have to be. Saying that both Griezmann and Gnabry need to pull their fucking fingers out sharpish....

  • @MickTurbo Yes I totally understand your point mate. Please don't treat my post as an attack towards you - it's not. My point is that many players after the good performance had their trend so you could shift them safely. Loads of people were buying for IPD's or even quick flips... Loads of players bought can have great performances in one or two games but not necessarily be on the top flight like premium players. Lately seems that people invest only in premium players because this is safe hold with exit strategy available....but rest of the players suffers...and holders with them...

  • My market sell is working fine. I'm gradually getting rid of some small holds I had for experimental reasons, and most of them are pretty random. I've yet to sell on the match engine. My Messis went within a week of listing at market price.

    Yes my low-value holds are pretty stagnant, but I've got no reason to be alarmed (yet). I don't like the order books, I never have, but as I never really used IS anyway, nothing's really changed for me. My high value holds are doing well, and in my 19 months on FI, about a third of my dividends have come in the last 3 months.

    So in terms of my portfolio value, I see it as it says (minus 2%). Although in my 'official' spreadsheets keeping track of this, I always give a 20% allowance, as you never know what's going to happen. But I've had that in place for a year.

  • @Dronny-Gaz

    I suspect FI are unlikely to act, without some pressure applied. They are very aware of their trust pilot reviews, so will be conscious if these start to slip.

    Plus it would be deliberately misleading to leave an amazing 5* review up at the current time.

  • not been here for a while but thought I would nip in to see what people are saying as I noticed the HUGE spread on my portfolio which made me question myself the 'real value' of players i owned on the basis i can't actually SELL anyone these days?

    I'm hoping when football is back thriving again (come Oct/Nov perhaps) that this terrible time will all be forgotten but until then... I see no value in selling anything.... although you can still get a bargain when buying!!!

    My only concern is WHY would I buy right now knowing if i did... I would be instantly at a huge loss thanks to spread (and lack of selling options) following any purchase made!!!

  • @ocs123 Mine is similar to @MickTurbo. IS value of portfolio is 8.4% lower than market sell value. I can't remember what sort of percentage FI backed IS would have given but probably something similar?
    You have to remember we have only just started seeing football coming back after a 3 month break. How would your portfolio of fared over the close season? What was the plan with the players you hold, high risk yet high reward i imagine.
    I'm not saying your wrong to be annoyed with the changes but i think if you are patient things will improve.
    The power is in the buyer's hands at the moment. I believe that once sell orders come in, the IS price will become more competitive. Also the return of football and an aggressive marketing campaign by FI should add a lot of depth to the market, which will also increase IS prices. In my opinion.

  • @Maverik I read q lot of this and all I can presume is that I've been extraordinarily lucky with some of the flips I've had recently because they have by and large not been premium players

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