Queue in selling?

  • How long do I have to wait, I put it about 15p lower than the 1p below, but what if it drops past that?

  • @NewUser123670 depends who it is most of mine sell within 24 hours I've had some take a week and some just sit there forever.

  • What happens if it drops below what I set price too though?

  • @NewUser123670 it will just continue to sit there

  • @NewUser123670 It would still sell, as far as I'm aware the reserve price has never worked and a couple weeks ago on another forum a few guys confirmed it still doesn't work

  • Thanks, as long as its not just sitting there for no reason.

  • They will sit in the queue until there is a buyer for them, please be aware others may have listed before you and therefore they will sell before, also some players with low to no demand may take a while to shift...

  • My question on selling in a queue is......
    If you have say 250 futures in a player and put up 100 for sale in the queue. Then a few days later decide to put another 50 in the queue does that remove your original hundred and place the whole 150 at the back or does it still keep it in order, so your first 100 would sell on there turn and the 50 later on there turn in the queue?? As on your portfolio it adds all sales together.

  • its quite simple for every 100 regardless if there yours or anyone else in the sale que the price drops 1p a 100, so if theres 1000 ahead of you, you have shit out and theprice will have dropped 10p, and you will have to wait for someone to buy1000 of said player before yours gets picked up, sell on demand they get picked up straight away, sell in a market where no one wants said player, would you buy said player at that price, so like i keep saying plan ahead or basically get screwed if you want to leave it till the last minute to exit a trade

  • @SMacFI this is not actually true. I asked the FI tech guys at the meet. It is not 1p per 100 shares and is highly influenced by market movement. As a benchmark it is the best the forum has but it is not a fact.

  • @SMacFI
    This hasn’t answered my question though.
    My question was if you place some of your futures in the selling queue then a week later if they haven’t sold and you put further futures in the selling queue of the same player. Do your original futures placed in queue get put to back of queue with your newly place selling futures or are they kept separately and your original futures stay in there original place in the queue?

  • No, your initial 100 you put up wud stay in the queue where they were and the newer 50 you placed later would sit further down the queue as you placed them later, they wouldn't get pumped together. It's literally first come first served.

  • @John-Renwick

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