Ok, Thanks mate. I didn't know that and a little gutted now.

  • Yeah he was trying to adjust his tv aerial and fell of the roof, poor bloke.
    Not sure how Emu took it, not been seen since.

  • Don Amot king of Caravans
    The price is right and
    the choice is yours.

  • Well I suppose theres no time like the present to give you all an update Re. my garage door pickle. We haven't had such high winds since a few weeks ago when the problem of the awful racket first presented itself, so I will confess that prior to this thread presenting me with the platform to update you all, it had somewhat slipped to the back of my mind, but it's now, once again, very much at the forefront. The fact that the high winds have subsided, whilst a welcome break from the hideous cacophony, has done nothing to negate the root cause of the problem, and the fact remains that the door is designed in such a way that will cause it to rattle when those confounded high winds do in fact return. Therefore I'm moved to begin exploring the alternative designs that are available to me. I suppose it might be said that I'm fixing the roof whilst the sun is shining

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