Selling players in a queue

  • I don't think I understand this.

    I can sell players between the current buy price and the instant sell price.
    So how do I buy players that other traders have put up for sale at less than the current buy price.........?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • @NewUser136909 you don't sell or buy below the buy price. The price you advertise is the price you would be willing to sell at not what you will necessarily.

    E.g.. player worth 9.80 you say sell 9.50 player drops to 9.70 then youylur place in queue reached you get 9.70

  • You don't. I've questioned FI about this before as it makes it sound like you can buy someone directly off someone else for a certain price (which is something that can be done on actual stocks). However, there is only one way to buy unfortunately while two ways to sell

  • Surely this is a question that needs no answers its quite simply the buy price is what it states, no 2 way around that, the sell price is also what it is, if you want to sell instantly you pay more, fail to see any confusion on this.

  • Thanks for answers, except SMac - why bother?

    If someone is prepared to sell something at a certain price, but I am unable to buy it at that price, then doesn't that amount to price rigging?
    I'm new to FI and like it, but this is bothering me.......

  • I dont particularly like the options for selling players particularly as the reserve price doesnt work.

    Would be nice to see a betfair type system.

  • @NewUser136909 I see it as a good thing I can set it a penny above the instant sell to allow for some price movement and then just wait till my place in queue knowing I will get the best price possible at the time.

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