Phil Foden

  • Looked good against Arsenal - thoughts on him starting more games with Silva leaving in the summer?

  • He simply HAS to

    As a Liverpool fan I'll be happy if he isn't a starter next season

    As an investor, I'll be livid at Pep! πŸ˜‚

  • I truly hope so - a real talent that needs to get more game time which will then lead to international call up and maybe Euros next year.

  • I think hes nailed on for a big increase in game time. Hes not 17 anymore, he turned 20 last month, hes the real deal, pep loves him, and hes too good to be a bit part player. For me that makes him one of the most exciting prospects on the index, I personally think he will walk into the england team by next summer, and looks outrageous value by comparison to Sancho and others like Havertz or Haaland and even Greenwood to be really honest. Actually appears to have the PB game 2. I think that's evident just by watching him but from last nights performance, having played 25 minutes, he scored 117 with a base of 54.

  • @MickTurbo Ok then, I'll challenge a few of your points even though I agree with the sentiment but he's already the 14th most expensive player.

    In your comments you haven't remarked whether KDB stays or Gundogan does the same because both are PB beasts and offer better value at the moment, especially if KDB gets penalties. Foden won't end up being the best point scorer in his own team, let alone against everyone else. If he does play, then the noise will increase about him but will he really become a MB magnet, particularly if United find their mojo again, I don't see it.

    I'm in full agreement on Greenwood and value, not so on Havertz but he's German so his accomplishments will never be valued as much as an English player, maybe it will change with the media review.

    I get its a 3 year bet and he will rocket I'm sure but will it be on sentiment based on English, young and at the euros rather than potential returns which is what we're all told.

  • @Harford-is-God you may very well be correct about not being the best PB player in his own team but the OP was about increased game time, for which I think hes nailed on.

    I admit I strayed into PB territory but I stand by the fact that hes gonna be matrix friendly and minute for minute I reckon more of a threat than Gundogan.

    I also maintain hes cheap by comparison to Havertz who is gonna move into a bigger pond, likely Bayern where hes up against several monsters, but now were straying

  • Going up nicely today considering he was dropping before the game

  • Wonder what would've happened if Aguero's shot had gone in and didn't hit the post...shows how fortunes can change by such small margins!

  • @ChazFI123 just accelerated the inevitable πŸ˜‰

  • @ChazFI123 goals rise prices of most youngest, if cherki scores first game back when French league starts I'd expect rockets

  • High pb scores in a short amount of time are always very misleading, your talking 70 points or something for a goal and win.
    There is Also the element of not being on the pitch for 90 minutes to get caught offside, foul people, giveaway passes, get booked. It’s actually my pet hate on twitter when people go Ooooooo 100PB in 10 mins ect ect, it means nothing.

    I Do think Foden is a great prospect though and agree his price will go up with performances.

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