Lo Celso

  • Great performance tonight , racking up the PB he has always promised, good timing for the WC. Still looks great value price

  • @NewUser108933 he's been up and down before be interesting to see if he can keep the form up

  • Yes hope so. Hopefully more consistency as he matures as a player, still young

  • Still very young. Very good long termer I think

  • Wish he was kept on long enough for 4 more passes :-)

  • Great talent and PB potential, well capable of monsters scores at PSG, only 19 and a starter for Argentina! Been on the red for some time with him, pleased he finally won some divis

  • One of my earlier and most profitable short term flips

  • Got to say whoever called it a few months back with 'the next best thing' comments i take my hat off to you and will eat humble pie... I didn't think he would come on so quick and looking at the likes of Rabiot & Verratti's PB scores i just thought he would be another one of those carrying water (in the Didier Deschamps mold) for the likes of Neymar, Cavani & Mbappe but he looks to be more progressive than those two aforementioned and already has an eye on a WC slot which should also add value.

    Good call... Suddenly he's looking a snip at 1.68

  • @dannypea I believe it was the main man @Noirx4 I remember trying to cheekily downplay him, his debut game around 10 days before his IPO he was involved in everything, but and I quote, he pointed out 'Lo Celso is for life not just for Xmas' :-D

  • @AT10 hahahaha i think you're right!!!! well hats off @Noirx4 and please send me your other recommendations!!! Lo Celso has every potential to be a surprise star of the WC this year especially as Argentina's qualifying was a disaster, their last match was a disaster and because of that i've recently lumped on all my (double or quit) losses from ignoring him in the first place on instead having the Argies to win the competition!!!!

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