Bids for begginners

  • Probably a thread with an answer somewhere but I am far too busy and important to spend time searching....

    I am set a bid to top up on a player.
    I put it at 1p above the IS price, let's say at £1.51
    When i go to IS one share of my existing shares it's showing an IS of £1.50

    What is going on? With one share it shows you the highest single share price bid doesn't it? Is it because it won't pick up the bid that I have placed, otw the universe would fold in on itself? So £1.50 is the highest bid from another user? Have I just answered my own question? Is it time to finish work and crack open an IPA now?

    If anyone else has got any other stupid questions on buds feel free to post it here!

  • @TotalPunt said in Bids for begginners:

    Have I just answered my own question?

    Yes, only shows other users bids, that you could accept as the prospective seller. Good cheat code way to see the best priced IS when lodging your own bid.

  • You’ve got it spot on now crack open that IPA.

    I’ve just had a crate of Brew Dog delivered so I may even join you. It’s 5pm somewhere!

  • @MikeWagner I have a box of them chilling too, lovely drop

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