Where is the logic ?

  • I am a Norwich city supporter(sadly) and after another abysmal naive performance last night I checked on some prices...Cantwell buy 2.62....Buendia buy 2.26 both young with some future potential but both poor tactically. Buendia loses the ball far too often in bad positions and Cantwell has no clue where to go when defending. So how can their price be more than Leon Goretzka and only a little less than Hakimi as examples...it makes no sense. Both Norwich players are likely to be in the championship or sitting on the bench of a lesser premiership side at best next season.

  • @NewUser550313 both likely to still be in the EPL next year so that is priced in to their price plus transfer spec.

    I don’t see how you keep either when you go down sorry.

  • @NewUser550313 was about to type something back and then saw that @Sav2000 has said everything I would have!

  • @Sav2000 They both show flashes of good football but they've had almost a full season in the premier league and they just aren't learning.

  • @NewUser550313

    They are both recent IPO's so were issued at high prices to start with, Cantwell was at 140p iirc so he's only risen approx 120p. this was also at a time when IPO's were seen as a licence to print money where bots & the "fastest finger first" brigade bought thousands when first issued then sold them, often for huge profits, as normal traders looked to buy the new issues. Both seen as young, talented transfer targets so proved ideal candidates for this dubious activity.

  • @NewUser550313 in a better team both will be much better could even see a move to la Liga for the classy midfielder

  • @Sav2000 My main point was either they are grossly overvalued or much better more consistent players are grossly undervalued....maybe a little of both ?

  • @NewUser550313 transfer spec is probably the main reason for both, plus Cantwell was being linked (far to prematurely in my opinion) with an England call up.

    Forgetting FI for a minute (I hold none of the 4 players you have mentioned although Hakimi is on my list) I think Buendia's got class and could go on to better things. Not convinced Cantwell's going to be good enough though.

  • @Mintyfresh I obviously follow Norwich closely and read what the manager says and Buendia at times gets frustrated when things don't go well, when he needs to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in. He can see a pass but loses the ball in bad positions too often. Neither are close to Madison he was miles better and Aarons is a better more sensible price good player.

  • I would like to know who would buy either of these in the premier league.I dont see either good enough.Maybe Burnley but they dont like spending.

  • @NewUser550313 don't disagree, I don't think Buendia's necessarily the sort of player you want when you're fighting at the bottom. I do think he could flourish though in a good team with clever runs being made, as he's got the quality to find them. At the start of the season I would have had Buendia at Arsenal to replace Ozil but his attitude has been questioned and that could scupper any of the big boys going after him.

    Leicester could be an option if Madison got his move, although that has gone quiet now. I think he would suit any team with quick front men and a hard working mid behind him. Could link up well with Zaha at Palace, but a move to Spain might be better for him if he can't get a decent PL offer. Certainly don't think this season has enhanced his reputation though.

  • if Arsenal get rid of Ozil i could see Buendia in there.

  • @NewUser182678 Yes because they don't concede enough goals already!

  • @NewUser550313 when you go down you will end up with a fire-sale on a few of your players.

    Buendia, Cantwell, Aarons & probably Pukki.

    This pre-conceived transfer speculation is built into their share prices.

    Fortunately, when you go down Daniel Adshead & Adam Idah will get first team chances & they are both better than what you will be getting rid of. 👍

  • @Ericali I hope we get good money for Cantwell and Buendia, I would miss Aarons as he's a little star.

  • @NewUser550313 Adshead is THE star 🌟

    England midfielder in the making.

  • I'd hesitate to say Cantwell is overated, but he's probably over priced- I'm guessing he'll stay another season as he's a Norfolk boy and this was his breakout season so think he needs to prove himself. I think buendia feels like he has to do too much on his own, think Messi would've looked shit if he was playing for us last night. Is easy to say these players would be better in a good side, but we seem to have a team full of them at the minute, which doesn't make sense. Given our recent signings and farke's mixed feelings on buendia, I'd say buendia and Aarons will leave if I had to pick two, we won't need to sell any more than that.
    Edit: I'm possibly inclined to say buendia is overpriced from a neutral view, but I'm not selling until he starts performing for a big club

  • Accounting for the premier league premium on players, I don't think Cantwell is majorly overpriced. I think Cantwell is an interesting player to keep a close eye on though. He's younger than Maddison and Grealish, but is having a comparably impressive first season in the premier league.

    If Cantwell moves to a club like Southampton or maybe Wolves in the summer and establishes himself as a first team player, I can see him moving onto a top 6 club in a few years, and becoming a £4/£5 player at least. Feel like what he does this summer will be incredibly important for his career and his FI trajectory.

  • There is no guarantee that relegated players get sold, don't forget the parachute payements the clubs get.
    Also someone like cantwell might well have been sold for a decent fee but with covid no one is paying what Norwich value him at, do they need to sell? - can cantwell have another season in the championship - most certainly.

  • @Rocky-Raccoon that is the other side of the argument tbf

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