How many shares does each player have?

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    Im just starting on this and was wondering does anybody know, or how can you tell, how many shares are assigned to each player?


  • @NewUser328729 It’s unlimited!

  • Ok, thnks, but that is confusing. If shares are 'unlimited' how does demand drive a price up?

  • @NewUser328729 you can work out some rough estimate using IPO price and current price (allowing for sales queues and share splits), but FI have messed around with the Price Move Matrix so often that it will only be an educated guess.

  • @Keegans-Bluff Thanks. But this does not instill too much confidence in me. If there are unlimited amount of shares priced at £2.00, then I cant see what will drive the price up? How would I offer to sell at £2.50 if another player can buy at £2.00?

  • @NewUser328729 When nobody is trying to sell x player then traders buying are buying newly issued shares directly from FI. That is what drives the price up.

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    New shares are created when peopple buy from the market (rather than the matching engine).
    Between 600-900 (as an educated guess) shares are created per penny movement. At the moment there is no way for the shares to then leave the market, we are hoping FI will fix this in some way with the next part of order books.

  • @MrWh1te Hello stranger :)

  • @NewUser328729 It's not an unlimited amount of shares. There's a certain amount of shares in each player at the moment. It's just it's difficult to calculate exactly how many that is.

    Dividends are also paid at the same rate irrespective of how many shares are issued in a player, unlike, say, a business.

  • Ok, thanks, that does not instill confidence.
    One player above is saying shares are unlimited and you are saying shares are limited but its difficult to calculate how many! Also I cannot find anything in the academy that would clarify matters on this
    I have a small holding in my portfolio, but I cannot imagine expanding it further until I get a proper understanding of these markets.
    Thank you for your help and patience, much appreciated.

  • @NewUser328729 No. One person is saying there is currently a certain amount of shares in each player. Another person is saying there is no cap on the amount of shares that can be issued when you buy a player at market price with no sell queue. (Both are correct).

    What is it in particular you're concerned about regarding the amount of shares issued?

  • @Keegans-Bluff I am restricted to buying 300 at any given price, correct? So if I (player A) buy 300 shares of player x @ £2.00, that is fine. But if there is no sell que, FI can issue another 300 shares @ £2.01, correct? In which case, player B, can also buy 300 shares @ £2.01

    But what if I wanted, tomorrow to sell my shares at £2.50 and there is no buyer? What if, player B, was prepared to buy my shares @ £2.50, but now, because FI has issued 300 new shares at £2.00, I have lost my market?

    Does that make sense?

  • @NewUser328729 You would have wait for demand (the amount of new shares issued) to push the price up to £2.50 before you could put your shares up for sell if you wanted to sell at £2.50+.
    You cannot set your sell price above the current buy price.
    If you you were the only seller your shares would be sold before FI issue any new shares. Hope that helps.

  • @NewUser328729 Well, you can only buy 300 in one click, but you can buy as many as you like. It's also ~600 shares to move a penny.

    I'm not sure what you mean with your pricing. If a player's Market Price is £2.00, then you can't chose to sell at £2.50.

    If you Market List your shares, then they will always be bought before FI issue new ones. New shares are only minted by FI when there is no sale queue (ie; high demand).

  • @Keegans-Bluff Ok, so shares are limited at 600 for every one pence price? I buy 600 shares (2x300 lots) @ £2.00. If there is no sell que, FI issue 600 shares at a buy price of £2.01?

    Even though I own 600 shares I cannot offer them for sale at £2.50 (even if no-one buys them, why would they when 600 new shares are now available at £2.01?).
    So I have to wait for the sale of newly issued shares (some 49 x lots of 600 = 29,400 shares) before my target price of £2.50 is reached? If ever.
    This is not like buying and selling shares in stock market as implied in FI advertising. And there appears to be a lack of clarity on how these markets operate.
    I have a small holding, I will hold on to see if I can get a positive return, but thereafter I'm out.
    Thank you for your time and assistance.

  • @NewUser328729 I understand what you are getting at, but the market still essentially operates on supply and demand. When there is more demand, more shares are issued, and the price of your share (well, bet) will rise, enabling you to - if you choose - offer it for sale at a higher price than you paid. There are several issues with capping the amount of shares available in any player.

    And again, dividends are paid out equally to any player who wins them, regardless of the amount of shares issued. Shares in a stock market do not operate this way; the more shares that exist, the more the Dividend payments are diluted.

    The way the market operates in this manner is clear. Some of the finer points about how many shares have been issued in any one player, and the exact amount of shares to move them up and down a penny are less clear - but do not effect the fundamental operation of the market.

  • Is this a wind up of some sort?🤔

  • @Keegans-Bluff Ok thank you. I have had to leave my preconceived notions out of this, I think I have a better handling now on how the share price moves.

    May I ask you a question about dividends? Again, I cannot find much detail on how they operate.
    Say I buy 100 shares for player x (forward) @ £2.00 and I buy 50 shares on player y (midfielder) @ £6.00.

    This week, player x is the top player on a 'gold match day' - I win £0.08 * 100 shares = £8.00 ?

    The following week, player y is the top player on 'gold match day' - I win £0.08* 50 shares =£4.00 ?

  • @NewUser328729 Correct. Dividends are fixed payouts irrespective of player values (thus numbers of shares). How many Divs respective players are going to win is what we're gambling on (pretty much), and what their market value derives from (pretty much).

    If you want further information about the basic mechanics of the Index that you can't find on the Academy, as you mention, in time honoured fashion may I recommend this thread that's stickied at the top of this bit of the Forum.

  • @Keegans-Bluff Ok, thank you very much, that is very helpful.

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