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  • Just my thoughts but what the heck is Martinelli warming the bench up? To be totally honest just because Mikel Arteta came out of Guardiola's a** one sunny morning does not mean he is a great manager/coach.... jury is still out on him in my opinion.... yeh keep Martinelli on the bench that wil win you games ! I really hope he leaves Arsenal like everyone else does. Maybe arteta can bring himself on as a sub or least warm the bench himself .

  • @FukUpayMe Someones got a few shares 👀
    Shame I do aswel dunno what nketiah does to play he couldn’t even get in the Leeds team

  • .@FukUpayMe Sadly its not arteta as he has not had the time to mould his team.He does need time its just the clubs owner is where the issue lies.Scince wenger has left we have not moved forward on the pitch.Yes we do have some promising young players but we have no real structure to the side.Our midfield and defence has to be one of the poorest i have seen.

  • We don't know if there are fitness or attitude concerns with Martinelli but with five subs available and for him not to get on the pitch at all seems strange to say the least.
    If he does not start next game then he himself may be thinking am I wanted at Arsenal🤔

    May be a legitimate reason he has not featured🤨

  • @Gazz127 there is no way he has any kind of attitude issue 100%.

  • Yep i sure do ! Congratz to you and me when he finally makes that move somewhere hopefully utd !!!!! Like all arsenal players do eventually.
    I saw them get thumped by city and he didnt even bring him on then. Btw this is 2nd top scorer for arsenal this season behind aubameyang. I really hope aubameyang leaves and so does martinelli does not pay 1 bit to have shares in any arsenal player. Sorry to all arsenal fans but its not the club or team its the coach that's the problem 🃏

  • Lol. Is Martinelli match fit? Has he had a falling out with the coach? is he carrying a niggle/not feeling 100%? is he attitude right?

    I have no idea to any of these questions but before i go go calling for a manager to get sacked, i would like to know what is actually going on.

    It's been two games.

  • @FukUpayMe Thats harsh to blame Arteta as he has had only 6 months in the job with 3 months without football.The owner needs to invest not take out the club and there are a number of ex wenger players that need to be out of the club.It's a 2 year rebuild plan inmo.

  • @osmanlao mate sorry to underestimate your whole comment but this is no issue for the club. Whatever dramas are happening behind closed doors have nought to do in this section in the forum ive started yes Arteta may need time and mould blah blah blah thats a different chat for a different column mate because all im saying is he didn't give Martinelli any mins in 2 games thats my point u understand? He has a wonderkid on the bench 2nd top scorer and he's lost two games in as many outings. Thats my point why aint he playing him. Not about time or moulding mate seriously dont fink u got what i was saying its all about why he aint playing Martinelli not about time and owners and crap defence and midfield. Im confused as to what ur point is on Martinelli????????????????????

  • To be honest I don’t know why people are surprised, in the 3 PL games before the break he played 0 minutes in 2 out of 3 them. Which is exactly why I sold him before the PL restarted, I saw a fair few people on here predicting him to be the biggest riser, he doesn’t play in the PL and hasn’t much for a little while now so do your research

  • Anyway hurry up and move to unitd Martinelli : P

  • @ChazFI123 But why is he not featuring?

    He offers more imo than any other forward other than Auba.
    Just his work rate alone impresses me.

    For a just turned 19 year old kid and coming to a foreign country he has shown more than once he has stacks of ability.

    If he fails to be a star at Arsenal he damn well will be somewhere else.

  • How does Guendozi play he is awful

  • @THFC1972

    Probably Awfully then

  • @FukUpayMe Sorry fella.I will buy your Martinelli shares.This kid will make it to the top dont worry about that.He is only 18.He is a long term hold.

  • @Gazz127 there must be something that Arteta is/isn’t seeing in him, will be interesting to see what happens in the remaining games, but the fact he isn’t in the top 5 subs both times is surprising, I understand it with the City game tbh but today doesn’t make sense. I think Arsenal have much bigger problems than what game times he’s getting, I for one am enjoying the circus that seems to happen every away game

  • @ChazFI123 Fair comment.
    The city game they had defensive issues and I could understand his absence but today no excuse.
    Yes as a frustrated at times Spurs fan it's all very interesting watching the gunners woes.

  • Shiiiiite at PB anyway - probably best off hiding on the bench, rather than being in the spotlight.

    Especially with 2 consecutive defeats.

    It will help his price to rise.

    Be thankful. 👍

  • @Ericali Arsenal have always been poor for PB and MB i find it surprising how expensive some of their players are to be honest

  • It’s very obvious why Martinelli isn’t starting. It’s so that he isn’t exposed and the big boys come pouncing this summer and turn his head, or he becomes too in-demand too quickly and refuses to sign a new contract so Arsenal get fuck all for him. He’ll feature regularly next season and then probably get a big move to a proper club next summer (pending form).

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