Eden Hazard

  • Watched Reals two games, he’s had an assist in each game, looks sharp, back to his best after struggling earlier in year, I fancy Madrid to go on and win the league, him and benzema looked like they clicked against Valencia..... 3.72 he’s at down 5p in the last week, doesn’t seem to make sense to me!

    Interested to hear everybody else’s thoughts on him. Cheers

  • @Die-Eisernen

    Uncertainty in the market has led to many players not increasing in value despite good performances. Many people are probably selling at the best opportunity and waiting for FI to announce positive changes prior to investing again.

  • A good buy if planning for the euros imo. Forms temporary and class is permanent and all that.. He's still class.👍🏼

  • A premium PB player at a very reasonable price. I imagine he wants to make up for the last years poor start at Real.

  • IMO his better days are behind him.

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