• Just looked an the FOOTIE is only up 151.15? Whats that about? Saturday is normally the main day for traders I’m very confused

  • Banned

    I don't think many people believe the footie figure now anyway.

    It dropped badly before they announced they 'fixed' it.

    And now the only reason it seems it is still positive is because no-one can sell easily and no shares are leaving the system.

  • @Dav I think it's more static generally now, as money is just circulating round the platform. Not much leaving but not much new being invested. Probably a combination of the world economy and people waiting for announcements on the MB/PB review. We're not seeing the historic dips during the week now so can't really expect the weekend spikes either.

  • I think they need to hurry up with the announcement else it’s just gunna stay like this, need the index firing all angles

  • It is a bit static at the moment.I am just releasing some players,topping up on some and a few new purchases all with my current portfolio and no new investment.

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