• Morning all.
    I had a £2500 port but unfortunately due to coronavirus and been furloughed I sold up in March. Well now I’m back!!! I’ve £1000 in invest next week and another £1000-1500 in July. Now the market seems a little flat and the lower sub £0.50-£1 not getting a great deal of attention I’m torn.

    My previous port had for example 500-1000 shares in cheaper players £.30p-£.70p and 50-75 shares in £2-4 players.

    So do I do the same again? Do I invest in the french market as lots of players are cheap with the lack of football and sit and wait for Septembers restart?

    Maybe all in on 1 players who getting a transfer?

    All advice welcomed.


  • I’d go in on French and try and get some bids matched on German players. But first and foremost definitely don’t chase into any PL players that have had big recent rises.

  • If your patient I think you could find real value in Bundesliga and Ligue 1 holds for next season!

    If you want skin in the game be looking at PB heavy players as MB takes a back seat for the next couple of months! Serie A has the most fixtures but hasn’t seen a boom recently

    Make sure you know about the matching engine and take advantage of some lovely discounts right now! Good Luck have fun! 👍

  • @Matt-flint hard to say really bit what i would keep in mind is that the august Dividend review isnt far away and that always causes a spike in the best dividend players. On top of that the changes the matching engine has brought about and limited depth on bids means that dividends are king.

    Id be looking for good MB and PB players with larger spreads and trying to get some low bids accepted.

    Theres a lot of doom and gloom around maybe you can convince some of these people to sell you some players at a bargain

  • sit on your hands pal Fi. will do something soon.

  • Thanks so far all good advice. I may try some cheeky bids on the french, not fully up to speed on the matched process but I’m guessing if a player is £1 and I bid £.95p and it’s accepted I’m £.05p in profit.

    MD review definitely welcomed and possible summer bonus.

  • @Matt-flint correct.

  • Similar predicament to myself. I re-entered a few weeks ago and was too hasty in my decisions. I tended to play low end of the market / high share ownership. That option is very risky right now. I've now moved towards a large spread of proven players between 50p - £6, only really using ME to get players reasonably under cost... I am more setting up for next season, so I am buying Bundesliga and Ligue 1 players at the moment, but have plenty from all of leagues and some non pb ones too.

    My honest advice, play it safe for now. There will be more surveys to come, and likely some minor or perhaps significant changes. Go small on players so that if things change, you can move them on easy enough. When we all have the required information and know the state of play, that's when I'll be looking at a higher risk strategy

  • @Baydog yeah maybe sit on £2500 in July and see what’s what.
    I’m liking the build for next season idea with the french and German players. Some of the younger french players are £.10-40p down in only 2months so maybe I will find so very willing sellers at cheap as chip prices!!!
    Love a bargain me 😉

  • @Matt-flint Before committing to any player buy one share at any price. As a holder you then have access to more information about the depth of the sales queue and you can make more logical, informed bids via ME. Welcome back, good luck 👍

  • @Matt-flint said in Advice:

    maybe sit on £2500 in July and see what’s what.
    I’m liking the build for next season idea with the french and German players.

    You can do both if you trial the ME with single offer/buys; this strategy has many benefits - Saves your main firepower for any promotions or when truly unmissable bargains appear but also allows you to experiment & understand more fully ME mechanics. I guarantee you'll be amazed at some of the discounts that get matched & once you own a single future it allows to gain far more visibility of the range of other offers & depth of market on that player.

    Copied from understanding ME thread FYI:

    "You get far more visibility if you own the player already; you can click the IS button & it states "shares available for IS" you can then adjust the quantity to show the availability at which prices. Obviously it helps to own the player initially but simply buy at least 1 future either at MS price or at a high enough Buy order price to guarantee fulfillment & you can then explore the pricing possibilities for only a minimal outlay, depending on the players price.

    Obviously any buy order is simply an offer to purchase & will require a willing seller to accept to complete the transaction but experimenting with small numbers will build your knowledge & confidence before committing to more serious volumes. At the bottom end of the market there may not even be 300 buy orders available so prices are even more volatile."

  • @Matt-flint

    Me too! I have been picking up some players for the same price I had them at before (having sold for a pretty good profit pre covid.) I've been picking up likes of Maxime Lopez, Morgan Sanson, Arber Zenili, Martin Terrier all below 70p on ME... Everyone is trying to offload Bundesliga players so there are lots of bargains to be had there if you're happy to sit on a stagnant port for a month or two... But definitely worth testing the market a bit first as the lads have said above before diving in...

  • @Mr-Atouba said in Advice:

    I’d go in on French and try and get some bids matched on German players. But first and foremost definitely don’t chase into any PL players that have had big recent rises.

    Yes exactly this right now if you're willing to be patient.

    Alternatively, we know there will be a div increase in August and we know who will rise. If be tempted to just flip a neymar or Bruno. Grand in now and you're 99% guarenteed (disclaimer no guarentees in gambling) to get a nice spike in which to sell in August.

    Avoid the greed tho... Sell the spike fairly quickly, don't try timing the ceiling! I think the players will rocket quick then fall consistently and gradually.

  • @Coriolanus

    I've been debating hopping on some premiums - rare move for me

  • Bang it all on Grealish. Buy shares with ME after a Villa loss when he's selling for close to a fiver. Wait until the season ends and Villa are relegated. Watch him rise £2-£3 with United links. Sell up and start playing properly once the Season restarts and the market is back to normal.

  • Buy some Zapata today.

  • @DillyDong I like your style

  • @Matt-flint I would do as @Geronimo159387 and @Coriolanus suggest, long patient trades with an eye on picking up ligue1 and bundesliga players who you would expect to feature heavily in the euros next year.

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