RAFINHA - Gift From The God's?

  • 200 points at half time and already scored 2 goals.
    I'd have been all over this player before ME.
    Potential 8p from star player Divs and 2p at least from goals scored.
    The fact that I'm wary of going anywhere near him now tells a story.



  • Yeah I know what you mean... But I do see other opportunities at the same time. I am pretty confident I'll be able to pick him up 10% below market cost and bag the IPDs this evening... It creates new opportunities, if you have a cash balance...
    I think match day buying is the hardest part to swallow at the moment. We are not seeing what we are used to, and that leaves us all feeling unsure. I hope/don't think it'll last beyond the next couple of months. It's end of season and we kind of expect the market to behave like it is the start of the season. Plus all of the other stuff 😂

  • Ya the issue is your gonna be stuck with him for a LONG time and if sell orders are implemented before your out hes the type of player thats just gonna crash, So the capital lost is gonna be way more than the gain in dividends!

  • @NewUser607503

    It's not a tactic that works across the board that for sure... I did similar on Grujic, he's dropped back but I can see he's got future value... Dennis Suarez maybe not - but if he scoops PB etc then probably some chump will market buy him next time out 😂

    This does however highlight that match day trading incentives are something that FI need to address. For now I think it's probably just all of the weird combination of factors going on. Next season they need to ensure we not all just looking to trade of ME and therefore only taking advantage of bad decisions most likely from inexperienced traders

  • @Dronny-Gaz you might be wary of buying him but prior to his small drop, he rose something like 14p in 24 hours so clearly other arent as wary. Hes dropped now but thats because hes been taken off not long after HT, similair to any other match day. If he played the full 90 he probably would of continued to rise.

  • @Shippers
    It wasn't 'Rafinha' specific. He was just used as an example.
    It's the same for any of the players who had pre div deadline matches.

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in RAFINHA - Gift From The God's?:

    It wasn't 'Rafinha' specific. He was just used as an example.
    It's the same for any of the players who had pre div deadline matches.

    IPD adjustments will create a solution. It'll create new opportunities across the board including for ME buyers. That or the points bonus system. IPDs I think is simple and therefore it gets my vote as the way to stimulate matchday trading

  • @Dronny-Gaz not sure I get the point then, these things have always happened even before ME. He rose 14p prior to being subbed off, then dipped. I've always seen this from FI users chasing early dividends. Of course people will offer a shitty get out but people don't have to accept

  • @Baydog I liked your idea the other day of 60 days IPDs or my preference is the return of SSMD, both would stimulate the lower end

  • Just make it easier to renew the 30 days IPDs rather than sell and rebuy.

  • 0_1592747198275_Screenshot_20200621-144551.png

  • @Shippers said in RAFINHA - Gift From The God's?:

    @Baydog I liked your idea the other day of 60 days IPDs or my preference is the return of SSMD, both would stimulate the lower end

    I have literally never traded for IPD's. I didn't trade for the bonus points. What I can see as being absolutely paramount to my port whether I trade this way or not, is to have buzz on matchdays.

    PB and MB divs are the thing that underpins the market. But without IS being an option, there is a massive disconnect from the PB and MB magnets and the rest of the market. Matchdays won't exist in the way that excites us unless there are other elements in play.

    I don't see upping IPD payments as the answer. In an ideal world for FI, that would be the solution. Everyone looking at 30 day windows. Drives commission. But with the removal of FI backed IS they have created a situation that favours the Market Makers - who will most likely already have the balance tipped in their favour.

    Whether it is IPD or bonus points (or hopefully both), to my mind the window eligibility has to be longer than 30 days. If we are trading peer to peer then FI needs to provide favourable conditions for that to happen. To my mind if the eligibility remains at 30 days, that favours the market makers only

  • @Baydog I think initially certain players will rise with an IPD increase however this would be short lived and doesnt sort the issue. People still chased PB dividends this morning by buying Rafinha, rising 14p in a short space of time, he had a short spread this obviously increased once subbed, same would of happened prior ME but the spread probably would never had got to 20p below buy price. I think 60 days IPDs would be a great incentive tbh but still need competitive market makers

  • @Shippers

    I don't think people need to worry about competitive market makers. I cannot say with any authority whatsoever on their role or conditions. I would guess they trade paying zero commission. And if you are talking about whales on the platform - I'd say these guys are the real whales.

    They will be scooping up the bargains, offering low ball offers and have the balances to sit it out. I do not want to see any changes that makes their life easier

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