Kai Havertz price drop

  • Have a large holding on Havertz and have been seeing his price drop over 20p in the last week. Understandable as the Bundesliga is coming to an end whilst the other big leagues are now back up and running. With Leverkusen losing on the weekend and now looking like missing out on the champions league altogether a move to a bigger team looks more likely.

    What do people think will happen to his price with the following situations below

    1. Staying put

    2. A move to the big boys in Spain

    3. A move to Bayern

    4. A move to Manchester United

    5. A move to the premier league but not United

    6. A move to ligue 1 or Seria A (unlikely)

    Thanks in advance

  • @NewUser487957
    This looks like a job for @Dalian-Smyth! 😁

  • @NewUser487957 Could take a fair while for the price to settle.

    1. £5 gradually rising through the season
    2. £5
    3. £5
    4. £8
    5. £6
    6. £4

  • He'd absolutely smash PB in Ligue 1 though. If I held I'd be hoping for PSG

  • @Mr-Atouba

    Why do you think around £5 while Haaland is £8+

    Personally don’t know how there could be such a difference between the pair even with Havertz current price. Plus Havertz has much better PB scores and won gold match day only a week ago

  • I hope he stays put. Doesnt need a top club at his age and stage of his career. Sign a one year extension and leave next season. Why such a rush? Dont believe clubs be spending so much cash either when they are making nothing at the gates for quite some time to come. Utd seem to be signing every top player on the planet, will end up with none of them in my opinion

  • @Finlay77

    Staying put wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Your right on what is the rush. There is none and shouldn’t be. Leverkusen are a good team and he’s the main man there now. What do you think his price will be if he stays put and when the German football is back next season?

  • @Richie-B well old timers will remember me championing havertz long before share split so his price will keep rising the better he gets. Id just top up as his price falls. The fact he played as a false 9 a couple times and scored goals there is showing he could become a forward in the future. Im just keeping for the long haul now, not worried about where he could be and just watch him develop 👍

  • @Richie-B Haalands price is built on a huge transfer as Dortmund are seen as a stop gap.
    Also Haaland is getting media just for scoring goals, the media only care about Havertz with a view to coming to England. Plus, Haaland is overpriced, when players score goals in big quantities it happens through sheer hype.

  • @Richie-B I like Havertz, I’ve long held him. Listed last weekend and by luck he sold the day after his pb win. But when a price is built on a transfer and the window comes around the price is on a cliff edge and I don’t ride it out to take the chance.
    Only a man United move can give him a real price boost.

  • @Mr-Atouba i agree as the index currently stands, but i honestly grow tired of the media buzz aspect being centred on man utd. They arent the best team in manchester, let alone the prem.
    also articles need to be fairer than a select bunch of british rags who seem obsessed with a club that fights for 4th not titles as roy keane calmly stated friday night! They have to ditch the nonsense which gives utd players an edge in mb if fi want to become the big big company they want to be.

  • @Finlay77

    Yes the Man Utd hype is ridiculous. I always look out on media winners and united players are always in and around the top winners.

  • @Mr-Atouba thanks for your input. What do you think then with his price if he was to stay at Leverkusen until Atleast the next January window or even past that. Surely that would be the same kind of situation as Haaland and if he continue to perform good chance of winning PB and consistent media

  • @Richie-B An initial drop but outside of going to United the best medium term situation for holders.

  • @Finlay77 The United mb multiplier should go and probably will but it won’t stop the United mb dominance, it just won’t be as dominant.It’s the sheer volume of interest/articles in them.

  • @MickTurbo

    Yes would be very interesting to see but highly doubt he would move. Although would show a lot of ambition from PSG that are desperate for champions league success.

  • @Richie-B yeh dont think it's even in his thinking or theirs

  • Apparently it looks like he's going to Chelsea, seems a pretty reliable German source has said that nobody else is willing to pay 90 million for him

  • How exciting do Chelsea look next season if this is true with their other additions? I fancy Mason Mount maybe the loser if Havertz comes.

  • It will be massive if they get Timo and Havertz in one window. What a statement.

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