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  • Is there any way to know where you sit in queues for either buying or selling players? I've noticed a few people on the forum saying 'his sell queue is months long' etc. How do they know this? Or is it an educated guess?

    My understanding is the instant sell price is an average of top bids so as this value fluctuates either new higher bids have been added or bids have been matched thus reducing the average of the remaining bids. Is that correct?

    Also, I assume it's a case of highest bidder gets to the front of the queue? How does selling work? Is lowest offer at the front of the queue and FI take the difference? E.g a high bid of £1.40 accepted by the lowest seller at £1.00 gives FI 40p per share? Or do highest sell prices sell first?

    Sorry if this has all been spoken about I'm just not sure on the ins and outs of the new ME.
    Any help appreciated


  • Good question

  • No FI does not publish the queue's nor there length. It one of the many things they need to be more transparent about!!!

  • @SS29 morning.

    RE sell queues... Pre ME you had a good idea how long the sell queue was simply by difference in current price vs their peak price and calculate and expected ratio of IS vs sell queue.

    I. E. A £1 peak player is currently 80p so 20p worth of shares sold or in queue (20*900shares) could assume half are listed so 10p in queue (9000shares) if you listed at that point you'd expect to wait a while

    Same principle still applies but my observations tell me the delta (number of shares it takes to move a penny) is now more dynamic and much lower for high priced players... 300 shares on Bruno for instance.

    Keeping an eye on the fluctuating spread may give a small insight into how many people are accepting bids....if it keeps going down its likely someone has accepted some of the highest bids (tho it could be cancelled bids). If people are accepting bids frequently it will encourage more bidding... So even if the sell queue is low you may not be able to sell for a long time.

    I. E. Bruno peak was £10.53 he's currently £10.30...but every time his IS reaches over £10.10 it seems to be accepted fairly quickly and we keep seeing the IS drop.

  • With the Matching engine the highest bids are accepted first

    So if there are 300 bids like this

    The average of all those bids is £1.00 and that’s the Instant Sell (IS) price.

    However when a sell wants to sell just 100 shares they will receive £1.10 for them (less commission)

    If they sell 200 they receive £1.05per share.

    Football Index aren’t (or shouldn’t be) making any money on these transactions apart from their commission.

  • @SS29 FI CTO Akash mentioned that being able to see market depth for bids was on the horizon in a recent podcast with Football Index Guide. Sell queues less sure but presumably with sell orders coming, this is not a priority for FI

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