Matchday Thread 22/6/20

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    Bit of involvement for me today with Cancelo who I'm hoping gets rotated in, as well as Foden for Man City. Also got Fede Chiesa and Erick Pulgar for Fiorentina against rock bottom Brescia so theres reasons for optimism. That's it from me though, these bricks'll not shift themselves, hawkeyethenoo

  • 39 players playing across all fixtures tonight that should play at the Euros next year - here are the top 20 PB avg scores from the games FI paid divs from:


  • I'm relying on Musa barrow ripping up juve, somehow don't think that will happen though. Also would love to see bennacer and Hernandez put in a big score for Milan.

  • Hoping Pep keeps KDB on all game for once

  • I have Calhanlogu, Pulgar, Laporte, Jesus (hope he doesn't start though for FPL reasons). Been trying to get Cuadrado too for a while but hey ho

  • For tonight I have, KDB, Sterling, Rodri, Zinchenko and B.Silva for Man City.

    De Ligt and Demiral for Juve - by the way people are matching bids for de Ligit at £1.85 (current market price of £2.02) as I keep topping up on him, really see him in the Prem within the next 3 years.

  • Gundogan for me. Played well last time out (197pb score) trying to shift the rest of my 350 of him.

  • Just Ocampos for Sevilla, hoping for another good performance to keep the potential transfer spec alive

  • Pol Lirola, Theo Hernandez, Calhanoglu, Danilo and G Moreno today. Most looking forward to seeing Hernandez of those. He's down 9p over the last 7 days which is a bit of a surprise given Serie A is returning and he's a young rising star.

    Good luck all. 👍👍👍

  • Just Foden for me tonight. Bench warmer again no doubt

  • @ScouseSte he was a bench warmer the other day mate but still got a goal and a 5% ish rise 👍

    Hope he starts though

  • Have got Sterling and Rodri in the City game but assume the former might be rested and who knows if Rodri will get a look in. Sterling being benched would be good for my FPL league though.....too many conflicting emotions these days!! (I would prefer the FI divs 🤓)

    Roll up, roll up, it's the Pep ~roulette 🎰

  • @TotalPunt
    Ain't this the truth?!? Strange when you're hoping for 2 different outcomes at the same time, one for FPL and one for FI?

    As a Sterling holder in FPL, I hope you're wrong though and he starts again. 😉😉

  • Can't believe that Man City play in the only game in England's Prem tonight and virtualy nothing has been written about the players. If this was Man Utd playing tonight the top 4 media players would be Utd. 60 points and 27th place is the top City player in media rankings today.

  • @Millerman

    Personally, I feel MB should be removed and all should be performance based.

  • @Falcon what would you do when there is no football? Would you just leave the platform to tick over, or would you push hard on transfers? I think FI did a transfer type promo some time last year which worked quite well?

  • @Millerman

    When there is nonfootball which is 5 to 6 weeks at most generally people can have a break : ) media has nothing to do with performance of footballers and i feel it should effect prices. Thats me for you though and no big deal.

    As you say they can introduce transfer related bonuses etc .. but if all media money is poured into performance players i.e. 1p for every player who gets 200 PB and doesnt win star player or best player award. Also if a player scores 5 scores of 175PB without winning best player gets 1 or 2 p also ... this way players will retain value ...

  • @Millerman That's because nobody wants to read about citeh. Newspapers have been reporting on United more than any other club for decades, because people want to read about them.

  • @Jimbob said in Matchday Thread 22/6/20:

    @Millerman That's because nobody wants to read about citeh. Newspapers have been reporting on United more than any other club for decades, because people want to read about them.

    Yeah good point, lets hope someone does something daft tonight then so we can earn some media pennies.

  • Just three for me tonight, one in each position though, with Cuadrado, Suso and Ronaldo. So slim hopes of a PB cleansweep. Hoping Suso gets a start and hoping Cuadrado is actually listed as a defender (FI biography has him as forward, FI positional diagram has him as midfielder, Sofascore has him as a wingback and my memory thinks defender). Good luck all 👍.

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