• If one owns a player for over a month - he purchases for example 100 more shares and also sells 100 shares within the week. Would he be eligible to ipd .. i'm assuming sale is of the old shares ? How does this work. Thanks in advance.

  • @Falcon

    Yes first in first out system, so sells oldest futures first & the new buys are IPD eligible for 30 days.

  • Yeah, shares last for 30 days.

    Oldest shares are sold first.

    01.01.2020 buy 150 shares in a forward, scores a goal within 30 days == 1p x 150 (balance of 150 shares)

    13.02 2020 buy 100 shares, sell 100 forward scores a goal within 30 days= 1p x 100 (balance of 150 shares, but 50 are 'old' and don't get you the 1p per goal).

    Hope that helps.

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