Joao Pedro

  • Just scouring the market for Serie a bargains , why is joao Pedro at Cagliari only 60p , top scoring midfielder in Serie A with 16 goals ?

  • I agree he is 'somewhat' undervalued but here's how I would quantify that 'somewhat'.

    *No PB wins and PB max of 180, not compedative in PB terms for a midfielder.
    *No club European football.
    *No international participation
    *Market has no current interest in IPD players.
    *28 years old.

    He does have a tight spread which is a positive but without a PB performance his price isn't going up in the short term.

    Long term I'd suggest he's a good investment if you believe the market, and the index in general, will find a way to value a 16 goal midfielder whom isn't that PB friendly. You can also enjoy the 30 day IPD period if buying now with a high volume of fixture's to be had, just don't expect to be able to trade out of him this season with a profit.

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