they're trying to give people a sense that they're doing well when it's not true

  • Re: Suspicious portfolio figures

    exact same thing over here. 24hr view shows me 2.5% up when my portfolio is down £25 exactly 24 hours ago.
    FI is a fun platform but the people running this thing are not serious about transparency.
    The same thing applies to how they refuse to give punters an easy view or notifications over shares that are expiring soon. Funny thing that no one's portfolio seems to show them down when they're actually up - apparently the "bug" only works one way...
    I recommend people do not go overboard on the platform, who knows what these guys are doing with our money.

  • @NewUser85181 Strong first post, I'm sure a lot of people will take your advice seriously.

  • Well it took him 3 years to craft this post, hopefully he takes more time over his next one.

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  • @MickTurbo if a year is a long time on the dex, how long would you say 3 years on the dex is?

  • referring to the portfolio figures? e.g. the 24hours, 7day and all time? Yeh they're nonsense numbers, no idea how FI get away with it.They need to clean that up as i bet many traders, especially new ones wont be tracking their own figures.

  • It's been complained to CS regularly on twitter... One guy is relentless practically daily points out he's losing money but his 24hr and 7 day show profit. Hopefully, now the commission are showing interest... They will show port values more responsibly and either do away with all the nonsense % on front screen or find a way of making them work and more meaningful.

  • Yup. Pretty basic stuff. They should be getting it right.

  • Probably best to remove them and just show the all-time profit on current holds, as that's the only useful one of the 3 anyway and that is right.

    24 hour and weekly aren't particularly useful but if they are shown, they ought to be right, but I don't think they ever have been.

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