Where is the money going?

  • Top of the market is bleeding money, so is my port. Cant see where the money is going but no money leaving the index.

    Is it people sitting it asside for the potential IPOs, or is it people placing market bids?

  • @Kanzz

    I'm assuming there's a large chunk in ME.

  • Definitely a lot of money sat in active bids. Also a lot of big cash balances anticipating a DB. But of course financial duress will have caused some money to leave the index as well with everything that's going on in the world

  • @Kanzz top half isnt bleeding money they are only dropping because people have listed them for sale. When those sales go through or bids are met it rises again so this suggests that money is going nowhere. Its only people trying to move money

  • @Kanzz suspect there's a fair bit in bids, as they seem to be taking longer to match now. In the first few days mine seemed to match pretty quickly or others quickly outbid me and I cancelled them. Now I've got a few active bids that feel like they've been there for ages and I'm above the average price on half of them but still no takers.

    I guess most of those desperate to sell up have done so and those still looking to exit some holds are able to be more patient, waiting for higher bids.

  • When does the 2% you have to pay to ME kick in?

    Watch your port change in price massively after that as people can't just 'take a punt' with daft stupid prices hoping people will sell on the cheap.

    My port was up and down and all over the place yesterday when many traders were having a jizz fest over Foden - selling at crazy prices just to jump on his train.

    I'd hate to imagine the amount of money sat waiting to be matched, I bet its millions.

  • @MickTurbo

    Do you think that a deposit bonus is likely whilst the ME commission is still zero, ie: before the end of July? I mean itโ€™s not that long ago since we had one?

  • @PaulM I really couldnt say mate to be honest. But anticipation of one is definitely happening

  • @Millerman Yes its a pretty strange situation. I only recently joined, but to me the system was working fine. Not being a seasoned trader on FI I thought at first this was a good addition - but its strange now as noone is paying the market value (why would you when there is an option to bid lower).

    So now, the selling seems to be stagnant - I've 7 players on sale for 2 weeks now and noone is willing to pay market value. All mine are in top 200 - 3 are in the top 10,

    FI make their profit from the 2% sale, so surely they need to be encouraging sales, not encouraging a stalemate. Unless sellers are on a fire sell, or have made enough percentage to take a hit, then I can't see money being moved.

    • cash balances

    • cheap bids

    • sell queues

    a casserole of downwards pressure

  • @Black-Wolf So your take is the money is going into market bids?

    Yeah I can see that, I have some bids that have been there for a while.

    So glad I cleaned house like the second day of ME, got great prices, like pennies off the BN price. Some of the spreads are not so nice now.

    Just need to wait for everything to get back to normal now I guess as my port is taking a pounding now lol

  • @PaulM FI will do something no doubt, granted its alot harder now than before, but they dont want money leaving the index, especially with a bad taste in their mouth.

    Tbh tho im waiting on the IPOS.

  • Sellers need to be more patient. Unless there is a critical need to sell a player or the spread is virtually nil then market sell.

    Buyers will have to buy at market price then. Sure you can float in a few silly bids but to get a player you want you have to just buy.

    Bit of a Mexican standoff at the moment.

    Once things start moving and there are bigger price jumps, people will want to get involved and will buy, waiting months for a bid to be matched means you miss out.

  • People are spending it all on Hot Tubs

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Where is the money going?:

    People are spending it all on Hot Tubs

    Itโ€™s 31c here. Defo not a hot tub thanks ๐Ÿ˜…

  • @Advinculas-Index got it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mine has recently been going into Canadian cannabis companies on the stock market. Oh, and some diamond company in lethoso. They've just extended their mining rights for another 15 years and are a third of their all time high share price. Recently found 2 diamonds worth 20million combined. So here's hoping in 15 years they will surely find a few more...

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