• Is he the most underpriced player on the index? Consistently returning dividends. My opinion is another 3 years left in Europe.

  • He’s returned 75% of my purchase cost in dividends.
    Not too worried about the remaining 25% with the amount of games left until the World Cup (via Euros).

    Take into account possible dividend increases during off season and also hype and promotions for euro and WC.

    I’d say at least 2-3 years solid return barring any injury.

  • Ronaldo is King

  • Him and Messi are dividend freaks. But he is 35, most normal players are on the beach in retirement. He keeps in great shape, but the reason he’s the price he is, is because one bad injury now- and that could be your stake down the lav pan 🚽 A younger person would be able to come back from a serious injury...a 35 year old far less so.
    Added to this: his dividend haul will need to continuously outperform his capital depreciation. But if you don’t mind risk, he’s your boy, because the dividend returns are still stunning.

  • Holding 300 of Ronaldo and Messi is a must. Both regularly return dividends, and, IMO, both will return in dividends close to 100% over 3 years. Ronaldo is a machine. He wants to break every record in football history.

    Something to keep in mind also when it comes to Ronaldo, he may return to Man Utd. Who would have thought Ibrahimovic would have played first team at his age? Ronaldo is a better overall player who will surpass all expectations.

  • Bought Ronaldo on Sunday in my 1st ME bid for MB/PB. Didn't have to wait long before he delivered! IPDs too.

  • I'm a holder but do we ever see him going back up in prize?

  • If he or Messi ever get stretchered off what do you think the highest offer price will be?

  • Dont know but I reckon youd still win MB 🤣

  • My only concern with Ronaldo and Messi is how FI react to their retirement. By their own rules they should be removed after 48 hours, but at the moment this isn't enforced.

    I feel both could return 15 to 20% dividend yield on current price in MB alone for the first few years of retirement, especially if MB opens up to foreign markets and also scores points for surname only.

    This is going to enrage holders who sell before retirement but then miss out on future MB (if they pay out), those who held but then lose entire stake if removed from FI promptly and also holders of other MB players who may miss out to MB from the retired Messi and Ronaldo.

    I hold both but hard to plan an exit strategy.

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