Matchday thread 23/6/20

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    Not a great deal of involvement for me today. Only Luca Pellegrini and Rodrigo De Paul. Probably Spurs and Barca leap out as having one sided fixtures but if Cagliari and Udinese can get a win then I reckon my 2 could be in the mix

  • 58 players from all clubs that 'could' feature in the next Euro's - so anyone fancying an impulse 'bet' for tonight with a bit of a future in it - here is the top 20 (not all players will be playing, do your own research before pressing the 'buy' button) - Happy trading everyone.

  • Again it's gonna be a Messi night for me. Nice unexpected divs last night from Hakan though.

  • A few involved tonight. Holding out for some IPDs from the likes of Kulusevski or Belotti. My best bet at winning PB is Top DEF as I hold Cucurella at Getafe and Di Lorenzo at Napoli. Both are in with a shout if they are at their best.

  • Luca Pellegrini, Alli and Bergwijn for me this evening. All playing against struggling sides so should have a reasonable shout.

    Fingers crossed for the clean sweep😂🤞🏻

  • After a surprise result with Hakan yesterday, I'm expecting a quieter night tonight.

    Di Lorenzo, Milik, Insigne for Napoli and Semedo, Arthur, Griezmann and U. Lopez in the late fixture in La Liga. Maybe some minutes from Carrasco for A. Madrid but expect him to be on the bench again. I still have a small holding Sturaro for Genoa and I don't imagine he'll do much. I've been trying to shift him on for months!

    No doubt Messi will clean up again. Good luck all.

  • Great to see some players winning dividends of the value of 5 - 20% of their purchase price in just one game.

    Prices have dropped sharply but so many bargains if you stick to strong fundamentals when buying, ie 3 years bet / return and chances of winning dividends.
    Add in possibility of increased dividends and sell orders.

    Anyway for today:
    Tielemens, Maddison.
    Lenglet, griezmann (🤬), Messi
    Koke (bought a few for 45p!)

  • A few contenders for tonight with Alderweireld, Gimenez, Ben Arfa, Roberto and Messi.

    The obvious stand out is Messi. Also hopeful that he can bring in MB with another goal landmark or as more stories about him vs Ronaldo and their various records could also tip the balance in Ronaldo's favour, which is also good for me.

    Really hope Ben Arfa gets minutes, not going to be over ambitious and hope for PB or IPD's, just need some game time for starters.

    Also nice if Roberto starts for Barca. If he does he is a PB challenger.

  • @Vaughany can I respectfully ask that we dont mention Hakan on these threads for a day or 2 😉 Just kidding mate, theres more to life than your biggest hold losing out on divs for being subbed 🤥😅

  • James Justin tonight for me. High score in his last game (151 with no clean sheet or win bonus) and with Perreira our until October and Chilwell possibly moving on he looks nailed on for a long term starting position in that Leicester team. Europe next season as well and still just 22 years old. Can see him following Reece James price if he can produce on the pitch.

  • @MickTurbo
    Mate I’ve got 3000 mahraz, imagine how I felt when he got subbed 😂
    Easily was on for best fwd and probably star man!

  • @King-Fergus kick in the balls that mate, great hold for ya going forward tho

  • @MickTurbo
    Now that Agüeros been injured that’s one less option for Mr Rotator Pep.

  • A few playing tonight. I have Lozano, Milik, Kumbulla and Nandez in Serie A and Griezmann in La Liga.

    Some potential big scorers in there plus Milik and Griezmann open for IPD. Fingers crossed

  • Luca Pellegrini and Harry Winks for me tonight, I'm reasonably confident they'll both do well (famous last words)

  • @MickTurbo
    Sorry pal, didn't mean to rub salt in the wounds!😂😂

    If it's any consolation, I think it's not too much of a stretch to say that you'll do better out of Foden than I'll do out of Hakan in the long term. The cap app on Foden over the last 7 days alone must be nice to look at. I guess you're in for the long haul though and not tempted to sell on the back of the 50p spike?

  • @Vaughany nah defo not mate. Hes a long hold for me. I mean if he was to some how hit about £8.50 before the season finished, then I'd maybe have to start looking at it as a phenomenal trade given that I only bought on 28/5, and consider if it might be worth looking elsewhere with a view to getting back on before next season, but ultimately I see him going to the very top of the game and the index, so hes gonna be in my portfolio for the foreseeable, with maybe the odd 'in & out' if I see a very obvious trough coming, but that's generally a game i only tend to play in the sub £2 market

  • I have only Inaki Williams tonight and he's up against the GOAT! I'm hoping the king has an off-day.

  • Hoping for a Lo Celso masterclass tonight... Also got a Bowen, ex Hereford I know his old man!

  • Holding out for a Messi masterclass but was also good see to Llorente start and nice cross for the first goal.

    Also got Kouabily, Evans, Semedo and Oblak.

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