France or Germany

  • Thoughts required

    I'm trying to get my head round is there greater value in France or Germany

    For those that have suggested that as they open up Ligue 1 in September there is value to be had now ( full confession, I hold a large French port and have done for a month or so) and now is a good to time to by players playing in France ready for their league to open up.

    Or is it in Germany, whose players are slowly sinking, they still have games to be played and it's been suggested they will start their new season in early September, and be one of the first leagues back, which would be on par with France. (I also hold a number of German players)

    As I move my port around my thoughts maybe pick up what I can in France, let Germany possibly sink lower and invest their in a few weeks time.

  • @AS-AS France.

    Worse league to watch, but better value for money - even more so, with no football being played until next season. The players are at their cheapest

    It's the less glamorous league, but with cheaper players on the whole, are they are eligible for exactly the same dividends.

  • @AS-AS I think there’s value in both but I’d lean towards France at the moment. I feel it has always been an undervalued league (below the upper echelon players) and with very few quality sides there’s always scope for high PB scores. In the post-covid world with constrained budgets for many clubs, there’s also a lot of value and therefore potential for transfers. Countless players are available on a free, entering the least year of their contracts or play for a team in financial difficulty.

    I think the spotlight being on the BL for so long has also impacted some of the oppertunities. With it being the only show in town for so long traders are much better informed on the talent in the league which makes it much more difficult to pick up those hidden gems. Having watched about 6 BL games in my entire life prior to covid, I could probably name the preferred starting 11 for at least the top half of the table! Having said that, there are some tasty spreads developing.

    For me the value is L1 for the next few weeks then BL when their season finishes.

  • There are certainly lots of bargains floating around from both these leagues. Probably more so from the Bundesliga. Such is the impatience, if players didn’t perform and win shit loads of divs (madness) they will be ditching them to jump on PL.
    Some fantastic ME deals to be had. There was a Ligue one surge a few weeks back, but now they had dropped again.

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