Liverpool players to rise next year?

  • Who else thinks that Liverpool players will rise quite a lot next year? If Salah stays and has the same season as this year then he could get close to £11.50/12.00, to be honest i don't think Mane is getting the credit he deserves, as well as Firmino !! but on the flip side if Salah leaves this summer then Mane and Firmino will rise.

    In the last few months they have been outstanding and could easier have challenged for the title in a less one sided season.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • Any team are only really gonna see huge rises on whoever their best players for PB/MB are. For Liverpool that's Salah, no point in heavily investing in other Liverpool forwards when Salah is their main competition and he clears up most weeks. So he's affecting their value, but yeah if he leaves someone else will rise up as they become their main player.

  • i still take the stance (although not as much as i used to) that every club has one superstar who is the media magnate that takes all the attention away from the others (so investing in these is essential for MB wins).... Real Madrid have Ronny, Barca have Messi, PSG have Neymar... whilst the likes of Bale, Isco, Suarez, Mbappe, Cavani etc all struggle for media attention due to playing second fiddle at their clubs...

    The EPL is slightly different because City & United have a few media magnates but Liverpool have Salah, Spurs have Kane, Chelsea have Hazard, Arsenal have Ozil and these players seem to hog the limelight when it comes to buzz wins... so although i agree 'others' like Firmino, Mane, Son, Eriksson, Christensen, Bellerin etc should deserve a bit more credit... Because they are not their teams hottest asset they often don't get the media rewards which is reflected by them often being undervalued and underperforming when it comes to being profitable on FI.

    That said FI is always changing and it now seems that anyone that is doing well for their club has a chance of earning you profit so why not get on those less popular players like Andy Robertson & Dejan Loveren who offer just as much PB potential as anyone on here in the top five leagues.

  • Mane n firmino value should be worth at least the £3.50 mark if not more . Both will be going wc, still in champion league . Salah takes all the credit from the rest of the Liverpool players .

  • @NewUser126583 said in Liverpool players to rise next year?:

    Mane n firmino value should be worth at least the £3.50 mark if not more . Both will be going wc, still in champion league . Salah takes all the credit from the rest of the Liverpool players .

    Player values are based on their anticipated buzz returns. Buzz returns are based on players "taking credit" (whether in media coverage or on pitch performance scoring).

    If you think that a) Liverpool will maintain media interest and b) Mane and Firmino will wrest back the limelight from Salah then they should rise. But if not, you risk mistaking good players for good FI options.

  • @AndyP32 from a purely football perspective (as a Liverpool fan) I think mane is overrated he is so greedy and his decisions at times are awful. Yes he's scored a few but I think he is the weakest of the other three and a real area that needs improving. From an index perspective he has good and bad days personally for me his base isn't good enough but that's me.

  • @Noirx4 who would you have to replace Mane if he left or got injured for a long time?

  • @AndyP32 in the current squad or to bring in?

  • Salah is having a wonderful debut season , is he able to continue to score for fun next season ? What If his goal dry up ? then mb / pb and his value will all just plummet . He has to prove his able to produce season after season .

  • @dannypea Who are the City magnets? They've just won the league and yet Pogba has more MB than any of them.
    very bitter United fan

  • @Blue-Python haha, i agree United are more the exception to the rule than city as they get media attention for just being... Well... But my point is City have a few players that can create buzz (like United) and especially in the WC ahead. Should have pointed out Pogba does stand out for United but they have had wins for Lukaku, Sanchez, Zlatan in the past so they have a spread of a few... Whilst City don't have one stand out... I think De Bruyne, Aguero, Jesus could all change that moving forward!

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