IF there is a bonus....

  • Do people think the money that we have tied up in bids would count towards a net spend bonus or do you reckon they will class it as money already in fi as it's taken from your balance anyway
    Say I got
    1000 pound in shares of players
    1000 pound in bids of players
    1000 pound in my balance to use
    If I took 1000 out of bids and used it to buy players do u reckon that would be 2000 net spend or they would class it as 1000 net spend
    Just thinking of taking some bids out untill after we pass 2000 in footie as some a presuming that a bonus might happen
    And we haven't had a bonus with me in place so think it might be a grey area

  • @R2d2 I’d say you’d have to cancel the bids and have it in your balance before buying to qualify for a DB.
    Personally I don’t think we’ll see a DB until September

  • Not really sure what you're asking, but there's no chance they'd include open bids in a deposit bonus, or else everyone would just deposit all the money their have and bid at a price they know wouldn't get accepted just to get the deposit bonus.

  • @ChazFI123 I think what hes asking is if a bonus starts right now and he has 1k of bids in, but removes them during the DB period, and uses the 1k to market buy, would his net spend be nil or + 1k, to which I'm pretty confident the answer would be +1k

  • @ChazFI123 not not saying u get bonus money from making bids but would it stop u having bd money if u took out after a bd was announced

    @MickTurbo @Gregolocky 2 different answers already I feel it's a grey area ATM untill we have one and yeah if we don't have one for hitting 200,000 then we will probs have one to celebrate there birthday

  • net spend from 00:00 on the day they announce it usually...so dont think bids will affect it unless they are accepted during the bonus period.

  • @Westy but are bids not counted as spent already as they take it out of our accounts as soon as u put a bid in?

  • @R2d2 ahh sorry, missed that bit...i dont think so, they are just holding that money ready to match, if you havent bought anything you havent spent it. Check your net spend now, does it take bids in the calculation? I have no bids and dont want to make any right now so cant see what it does.

  • just looked back through my summary and 1 had one bid matched on the 6th (my last purchase) and that's not showing in the net buy by the looks of it for July. The transaction history is an absolute mess now with all bids logged and all cancelled bids logged, yet purchases via the ME don't really show up clearly? Wonder if a bonus would work right now as in calculating correctly from our transactions, thatd be a test of their tech lol

  • what is a deposit bonus, is this just no when you sign up? I didnt get offered one??

  • @trig exactly as it sounds mate. FI, to drum up a bit of interest, introduce a deposit bonus to entice users to chuck cash in. Last one was 8.25%.

    So you deposit £100 and they will pay you an additional £8.25. Think the deposit bonus limit was £1500 last time.

  • Just to avoid confusion... they haven’t done a deposit bonus for some time. The last few promotions have been trading bonuses based on your net buys. Thought it was worth clarifying so nobody is expecting a giveaway where they can deposit money and simply withdraw it as soon as the promo ends.

  • I emailed them and they emailed me back saying they could not say either way atm and it would be confirmed in the t and c if the marketing team do a net spend bonus

  • Why do they need to offer a deposit bonus at the moment? Whilst ME is in phase one before sell orders come imo is the best deposit bonus you could get! Alot more than 8.25% to be had!

  • Seen people in twitter say the did one at 50000 and 100000 in the footie so might do one for 200000
    In usually circumstances they don't need much of a reason to do one

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