Foden - future king?

  • This is obviously a bit of a pump and yes I do hold shares him, but does some else think he could be future king of the index (or at least overtake Sancho).

    Everytime I watch him I think he is class. He has a great first touch, good eye for a pass and goal and can see him dictating play in the future.

    Whilst being touted to fill the void left by Silva leaving, he has shown he can play a variety positions which can only improve his game time. More MoM performances like yesterday will also help.

    I think sancho is a great talent and I'm disappointed I don't hold but if they both play in the Prem next season and get similar minutes, I predict Foden will win more PB. He also had first England call-up, cap, goal to come for Media.

    Does anyone agree/ disagree. I dont see many downsides to his game apart from limited game time which will surely come, so I'd like to hear both sides of the argument before I top up.

  • Phil Foden won't be king of the index whilst City. Fantastic player and will have a great career, but IMO he won't be the king.

  • Agree with @ChazFI123

  • @Weggers83

    Great player, great future, bossed game yesterday, scoring twice but still didn't win either PB or MB which is your limiting factor right there. Messi, Bruno, Neymar all have/had claims on being the genuine index King, based on delivering MB/PB wins AS WELL AS on field performance, so until Foden or anyone else for that matter do it consistently they are unlikely to be King for long, if at all. Being at City is also an index negative for me.

    He may well have a good 18 months of positive market sentiment coming his way & resultant price rises?; taking over from David Silva, breaking into England team, Euro's etc so not saying he's a bad buy just being King is very difficult to achieve, even for the best players.

  • @ChazFI123

    Is that because you don't think he'll get the game time or because he will be over shadowed by other players? Or because he isn't a United player and will never be do misses out on the media bias.

  • @Geronimo159387

    Agree with the statement on PB scores, however he came off after 79 mins. Had he stayed on he would probably have got star man. On top of that he was playing in Sterlings role yesterday, which isn't necessarily suited to high pb scores. If he moves more centrally I can see him being more involved whilst still being a goal threat and his pb should improve

  • @Weggers83 said in Foden - future king?:

    Had he stayed on he would probably have got star man.

    Same arguments Kimmich holders have when he finishes 2nd; he's unlucky, if/buts/maybes don't win dividends I'm afraid to be King you need to be the best consistently. City players tend to win no MB, also Pep roulette really damages their PB potential, so he's already fighting a losing battle IMHO.

  • @Weggers83 The media don’t give a shit about him or Man City. He’ll just end up with a couple media wins during international breaks.

  • @Weggers83 to be honest if Pep is there he will he rotated for the next couple years, just because Pep loves to rotate. I’m sure his appearances and importance will increase over the next 18 months. But a couple of comparisons Saka is 2 years younger, and has already won MB 4 times as much. If Greenwood had scored 2 last night he’d have walked MB probably, to be the king you have to be a dual threat MB/PB and I’m not convinced he’ll be a premium hold for either of those Atleast for a few years, especially with MB as he’s at City. I think if you told holders last night that Foden would score 2 and have GWG, but you wouldn’t see a penny of MB or PB they’d have probably been disappointed

  • @ChazFI123

    Yeah I have to say I was surprised he didn't win MB which is a worry. I thought the papers would be all over it.

    Seems crazy that he only scored about 300 mb, when David Luiz scored over a 1,000 for being crap.

  • If he played at the proper Manchester club he'd be king of the index.

    Unfortunately, he's at City, so he may as well play on the moon for the media he will generate.

    Will have to rely on PB (KDB? 🤔) or international breaks.

    It will take a break out international tournament for the media to be interested as he's not a flawed genius.

  • He will be a media star in an England shirt but not for being at City and i think he will devote himself to city for the long term. Good chance of him being Englands star player in the future. I think he has the talent to prove to be better than Sancho

  • Not many bigger Foden fans than me but not sure hell be the king. I think hes somewhere to park you're money and watch it at least double, but must admit that I think there'll always be 3-4 ahead of him.

    Having said that, things may yet change in his favour. People are quick to point out that he won neither PB nor MB last night but had he got the 90 I think it's reasonable to say he would have taken star man. Much will also depend on the direction MB goes in. I was looking at newsnow last night and if surnames counted he would have absolutely walked MB, and again today.

    As he matures his PB game will come on leaps and bounds, and he'll win loads of divs, and for how long will City have to be a dominant force before they become click baity, thereby inviting much more column inches?

    On the England front, ppl like Sancho have made their international debut, Foden has that to come and for me, will be one of the first names on the team sheet in the next 2 years of international tournaments and has the potential to be loved by the public, inheriting the 'street player' tag previously held by Rooney. But I'm getting to pie in the sky territory now.

    As if stands, probably close but not quite, if some fairly realistic stars align, quite possibly

  • Sterling hasn’t done much in 4 years and he is a great player.
    Unless pep leaves he’ll have about the same output as him imo.
    He needs Pep to leave so city are a shit show and get a load of transfer spec.....

    Rashford is golden boy for england for at least a year, then maybe sancho.
    Greenwood as a striker gets more media than Foden also.

    Dont hold any of the players....just my 2p.

  • The fact City aren't challenging for anything in the league hasn't helped his media.

    If that was a champions league match I think the media would be all over him now.

  • Lack of European football and a big squad also limits game time for most City players.

  • We discussed Phil Foden as the feature player on the podcast this week:

    Skip to 31:13 if you want to go straight to the chat about Foden.

    Most on the episode were very bullish on him but I questioned his PB output depending on his position. Great performance last night but shame he wasn't played in the KDB role whilst KDB was on the bench. No MB was also a slight alarm but not unusual for Man City players compared to their city rivals.

  • @Trading-Bear

    I'll listen to that tonight mate nice one

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