Jovane Cabral

  • I've held this guy for about 6 months now but surprised to see there's been virtually no mention of him on the forum in that time. In the couple games I've seen him play, he's looked like a player that should outgrow the Portuguese league.

    Are there any other holders, or Sporting fans on here? It'd be good to get a better assessment of his potential from someone who has a bit more knowledge on the subject.

  • @Gaz maybe @BenniiP could help I remember him being fairly knowledgeable about the Portuguese league

  • He's a talent, I agree. I've watched his last two matches and appears too good for the league and at 22 years of age is a good age to move soon. In a team full of youngsters for Sporting. The last match half of the team were younger than Cabral still.

    He's a hold for the patient though, especially in the current market. He could well stay at Sporting, glides past players at times though and has a great free-kick on him. One to monitor.

  • Couldn't have put it much better than @Trading-Bear did. Sporting under Amorim are a youthful and exciting side, though they have another nutty president. Definitely a solid long-term hold.

  • Looks a real talent and finally getting some game time. Exciting to watch (if a little raw), set piece taker, physical winger who likes to dribble and shoot so there’s a lot to like. Definitely a long term hold but recent chat that Jorge Mendes wants to move him on for as little at €15m. Seems way too cheap but in that price range he’s worth a punt for most PB teams so should get some transfer spec. Also wants to play for Portugal so maybe an outside shot at the WC squad.

  • Noticed he bagged another 2 goals last night but came off early in the 2nd half. Was he injured ?

  • @Matt-flint said in Jovane Cabral:

    Noticed he bagged another 2 goals last night but came off early in the 2nd half. Was he injured ?

    Youtube the first goal - pretty good! Yeah came off injured at half time, think it was his calf but can’t find anything on how serious it is. Spread still seems fairly tight though which is encouraging.

  • @MikeWagner yeah thought the same with that spread. Looks like good potential from what I’ve seen, only hold a small amount but the ways he’s going I may add more

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