Star player

  • I went to bed Micheal Keane was star player with 268 drawing
    Got up martial as been award star player .... someone tell me why they don’t split it and how they have came to concussion that martial winning top prize?

  • Youngest wins a draw

  • It was obvious this question was going to come this morning.

    In the standings Keane sat as Star on the same points as Martial, but Martial is a couple of years younger. If you know the age tiebreaker it’s easy to work out, if you don’t it’s very misleading.

    I know there is the read the rules stance, but do we read all the rules and instructions of everything we do?? Has anyone read all the T and Cs of every bookie they have bet on?

    I’m not a programmer, but it can’t be hard to add a line, or whatever they add, to read if points are equal list in order of birthdate. Any programmers able to answer?

    It’s a small thing but one that could very easily save disgruntlement. What if 1 punter felt cheated and withdrew and failed to return, and told 10 mates who told 10 mates etc.

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