Has Maxime Lopez died

  • Dropping like a stone with no obvious reason, come on peeps I'm holding shit loads and it's not making my port look very nice today

  • @MUFC I saw he'd dropped 5p and thought it might be you giving up on him. I don't hold, but he does look cheap now.

  • @Jimbob never, ballon dor next year

  • Did you get to the bottom of this? I am also a holder, used to hold a lot around 85p.. I have since bought back in at 62p.. All I can find is that he is likely to join Sevilla as Banega replacement.. To me that would be great for his value - only downside is that Sevilla have so many competitive mids.. That said, if they are buying him to be their metronome it should mean a very good base score. I have watched him play a lot, and I rate him highly for PB potential

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