Mb vs pb vs transfer news vs young players ?

  • What’s everyone stretegy ?

    I missed the boat on the mb players and not prepared to pay silly money for top 8 players .
    Seems like always the same few that wins it .

    I like buying players for pb coz prices are more affordable and when they win you get a nice satisfaction feeling .
    If you choose the right pb players , has a chance for them to gain transfer rumours n going wc which can able to gain value .

    Young up and coming players ... I ain’t got patients to wait .

  • @NewUser126583 started off entirely mb based with pogba,messi,ronaldo, etc hoping to and on target to return 30% but decided to switch to flipping and am now on target and hoping to return100% this way, mb and pb don't really matter to me now

  • I think in general a solid strategy is a combination of players that will return MB / PB / capital appreciation. Some people may place more favour on one than the others, but the amount of which is personal preference / affordability.

    However, whichever you use, patience is also key. FI isn't the sort of platform / gamble that will give you a huge ROI in just a couple of weeks. It's more about playing a long game and consistently making a profit over the course of the season(s).

  • I used to aim mostly for young up and comers but most of them were just stagnating apart from sessegnon. Changed my strategy completly about 2 months ago and went all for mb players and have since earned consistent dividends aswell as increase on ROI. Will continue to invest in mb players for the summer and then aim towards more young players and pb for the new season

  • I have a mix of top end and bottom end players for a couple of reasons.... 95% of the time MB is won by less than x8 players so if something is 'guaranteeing' you an income I feel it's silly to ignore it... And a bit of something is always better than a lot of nothing...

    At the bottom end you can have a bit of fun with your profile and 'scout' out the next best thing which is not only fun to do, rewarding when you unearth a gem but pretty low risk too as having small percentages in (good/young/undervalued) players in and around £1 can help your portfolio grow at a steady rate...

    I have trouble with the middle range players (between £2-4) because they don't win MB often and they can fall in value as much as they grow which makes them quite volatile...

    Finally PB sucks for me... I don't concentrate on this area at all... If it comes it's a nice bonus but I don't lose any sleep over it when it doesn't... My taking on this... Anyone can have a good day at the office... By having the best players you have a better chance of PB wins but it is generally a complete gamble who wins... For example last night Andy Carroll played 4 minutes and won the PB for best striker of the night??? all the pre match analysis and waiting for the lineups and doing your due-diligence and it's a player that plays for 4 minutes that wins the buzz.... I aint gambling on that rubbish!!!! Capital Growth & Media Dividends is pretty much my strategy!!

  • As others have said I try to have a balanced portfolio but also I tend to skew it towards the next trend, for example I won't buy a purely PB player between now and Early / Mid July as there are not enough games left this season to justify it.

    For me it's now all about transfer rumours / MB - there is the best part of 3wks from CL final and WC plus 4wks triple media from WC final - 1st weekend of 18/19 season, let alone all the non-game days while the WC is on.

    During the summer I'll keep an eye on which youth players do well pre-season / get shipped out on loan etc. as that will have an impact on their price as well

  • @dannypea

    I have actually brought Carrol last week when I heard he’s back from injury . Easiest 5 mins of pb win . Am pretty chuffed . Outside hope of getting on plane to wc .

  • @NewUser126583 as a long term hold 'IF' he can avoid injury he's certainly a player who can grow in value and pick up the odd PB along the way... on last night i bow down to you but surely even you wouldn't have expected a PB win at 9:30pm when Carroll was still sitting on the bench... (I was more gutted because I backed West Ham to win at 125/1 just a minute before he scored)

    As for him going to the WC i don't think Southgate will even contemplate that as he looks to be going a very different way with England but if we get it wrong and crumble again like we did against Iceland and plenty of other competitions before it then i'm all for Carroll, Crouch, 4-42, long ball, Watford crosses, long throws and sticking it up em to try and get a result as we certainly still have one or two players kicking around whom that would suit!!!

  • Well i think the main thing is a strategy your comfortable with, and like someone mentioned you cant go wrong with a balanced portfolio of a little bit of everything, but also how much time you can devote to the index, no point trying to find value or flip player s if you have no time to research and watch out for them flips, however me person, am al about buying value, finding players that are very underpriced, so its low risk high reward the appoint of shares you can on a player of say 60p compared to £8 is just ridiculous, and that in itself is value so if your 60p value player then goes up 20p-40p 60p you have a ridiculous amount of shares working for you going up at this value, however liek i said its just time consuming finding these players , finding that your player thats about to make his break into the first team tats what to by you player, not 6-18monts in advance waiting for the break through to happen, always make your cash work for you. I Only hold 2 WC players Diego Reyes purely as he is out of contract in the summer so his price will only rise and Juan Cuadrado as i believe he's very under valued and his price has not inflated yet with WC, so expect a rise on him when people figure this out and realise how half decent he is at PB, and as i have bought at his historic price value, i cant lose cash on him. So i have awaited the stress of exit strategies and the like my whole profile is fee transfers and very highly like to move players, so my portfolio has been slowly going up every day, and i expect a big boom when the WC money flows straight into the transfer players

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