ROI Hunting - So you want 50% ROI?

  • Hello all, how are you doing? What did you think of Adam Cole's update last night? For me the key takeaway was that it provided enhanced certainty as to the future of the platform. Of course, not all questions were answered but I think the key ones were. Exciting times!

    Anyway, with the Ligue 1 season creeping closer to starting and the current seasons winding down I thought it would be a good time to drop a new version of the most popular posts on my blog. The ROI Hunting series. In this one I talk about a few French players I think can make you 50% ROI by this time next year....Let me know what you think!

  • Brilliant post.

  • Great article, very insightful. So who would you recommend as the best/safest holds? And when is the 100% article coming out?

  • Excellent as always...

    Interesting you raised JKA - I was talking about him on another thread yesterday.. There is a player in there, if Leeds go up I think he could be a wildcard selection. I wasn't aware of the contract obligation either...

    What are your feelings on Martin Terrier prospects this season? I have been in and out of him ever since I have been on the index. I've seen him play plenty of times and read plenty of positive articles - but there does seem to be some kind of issue there (I was watching the game where he collapsed, almost looked like a panic attack).. I've bought back in recently at 70p x 300 shares, but I am certainly not sure if he is going to be the star I have been expecting!

  • @FIGenesis
    Great article as always mate. Caqueret is one of my biggest holds at you could pick him up at about £1.10/£1.15 few days ago via the ME.

    I have also picked up a few of the cheaper options at Nice, Reims and Rennes. Ligue 1 is off topic at the moment but with all 3 of those teams playing European football next season, and the increased PB dividends coming, I feel like there is some real value there at the moment. Hamari Traore (20-30p), Edoaurd Mendy (12p), Dolberg (£1.10ish) and Hassane Kamara (40pish) are my latest purchases.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on those (positive or negative) if you have a moment? Don't be afraid to let me know if I've bought some absolute dross!! 😆😆

  • Really love reading your articles on Ligue 1. So much information, stats and facts that aim you towards great potential rewards in certain players.

    Great stuff 👍🏼⚽️

  • @FIGenesis

    Thank you so much, a really informative read, loved the articles last time and just as good this time, great effort

  • @FIGenesis your article last year was the first blog I read and picked up a number you suggested; only got Dubois left but made plenty of cash on the way.

    Not a french player but what are your views on Cornet next year and do you think the links to Lyon for Wober from RBS are on the money?

  • A great read. Currently hold Dubois and Blas and Fulgini are very much on my radar, so good to see my research is matching up to the master's!

    Any thoughts on Irvin Cardona? I know he is at an unfashionable club, but 6 goals and 3 assists this season is nothing to sniff at. I am picking him up quite cheaply with the ME, but hoping he can get a good price boost next season if he continues to show good form,

  • @FIGenesis opinions on Maxime Lopez?

  • As a Nantes fan Dubois always stood out to me but then Thomasson’s moved on, produced and getting good links, Rongier is fancied by some, Carlos (Seville) has a £60m release clause (!) and even Veretout is having a renaissance!

    How much would you charge to do a really positive and persuasive article on Abdoulaye Toure? Not easy I know but he takes penalties nowadays and there were links to West Ham... WEST HAM!!!

  • @Meridismo04 Thanks bud. Cheers for reading it!

  • @chaps1988 Hey bud. Thanks for reading! For me, with a dividend increase on the horizon I would say that the guys aged 19-28 with the highest dividend potential going forward are the safest holds. For me that is guys like Trent, Sancho, Mbappe, Neymar and maybe even Pogba if he stays at United.

  • @Baydog Hey, thanks for reading. I think JKA just needs a chance and an arm around his shoulder. He has had attitude problems in the past, the talent is real though.

    On Terrier, I like him a lot at his current price. As you say, his scare last season looks like some sort of panic attack or other related issue. he is back to full health now though. And, Rennes are pushing hard to sign him from Lyon. If he joins Rennes he is even more of a bargain with potential UCL football next season.

  • @Vaughany Hey bud, I absolutely love Caqueret and the path seems to be clearing for him to have a full season in the first eleven next season. He is a mini-Kroos...just without the set pieces! As you show in your post there are some major bargains to be had in Ligue 1 still. I do think some traders are starting to turn their eye back to it, see the Thauvin and Depay rises yesterday. Those guys you bought are certainly boom or bust. They could go really big, especially Hassane Kamara now that he has joined Nice.

  • @Erased-Citizen Thanks very much. Very kind words!

  • Great write up as always. Such a shame Ligue 1 got canned(Surely the French are kicking themselves over that decision). Most of my ligue 1 holds are tanking at the minute but great time to buy though if you play the long game.

  • @AS-AS Very kind of you to say! Thanks very much. Plenty more to come!

  • @Sav2000 Ha! Glad you've made good money! I expect Dubois to make strides this season once he gets fully fit. As for Cornet, I think he is on the chopping block at Lyon. he drew EPL interest in January and if Lyon think they can make a decent price they'll sell. He is, at Lyon, capable of hitting big PB scores which are gold dust on the big payout days. However, you'll need to keep an eye on where he might end up.

    As for Wober to Lyon, I have not seen any of the major (Tier 1) French outlets or journos start talking about the link often enough to make it feel real.

  • @MUFC Looks like he could well, finally, make his move to Sevilla this summer. He has been linked ever since Monchi came back in. His Prem links are false I think. he would be mad to go to the EPL. He's way too lightweight and slow to cope. However, if he can take up the reigns from Banega at Sevilla then he could be a decent, cheap PB bet.

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