The New Baggio/Can You Help Me?!

  • I mean Roberto not Dino (Nothing wrong with Dino mind!).

    I’ve been on the platform since just before Lockdown. I’ve been at home for three months bored out of my mind, no disrespect to my wife, kids and the books that I’ve been reading! Basically I’ve had too much time on my hands, spent too much time on the forum and twisted and turned a little too much re: my portfolio/strategy... so why not help me get back to zero?!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... Luca Gagliano! Just the sort of ‘rock up and buy shares in some random young player’ that we all do when we first join right? Hell, he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page... but he’s prolific at youth level, contract expires next summer and he looks good in a YouTube video (Research. I’d do a wink emoji if I knew how!).

    The kid is on the bench for Cagliari tonight, that’s his fourth sub venture. Has he actually got on the pitch yet... err, no!

    What’s it called... FOMO?

    53p ladies and gentlemen. Don’t miss this opportunity on a potential media friendly PB matrix designed div earner Index King! If like me you were brought up on the goal scoring exploits of messrs Baggio, Signori and the rest then you don’t want to miss out on this kid. He looks quite pleasant in his photo too, like the kind of kid that if your daughter brought home you’d think, yeah, okay, nice chap. Come on! You’ve spent £4 on a French teenager who’s made one sub appearance, somebody who was in a next gen article or is good on a computer game, so what’s a few 50ps on a 19-year-old who could have four World Cups in him? What do you mean he’s destined for Serie C?! Do it for my portfolio, a new user to avoid him (Me!) packing my bags and leaving the platform. Do it for the community. Do it for platform growth!

    Disclaimer: All said in semi-jest. No cynical pump and dump accusations please but yeah, you might want to buy Victor Mollejo too!

    Do you know what? I’m going to put this out there in the public domain and provide annual updates on his career trajectory. Luca and the FI community, my mortgage (Well £25!) is counting on you!

  • Bit of a punt for me this one Paul. Aside from a decent profile picture this Italian dude doesn't seem to have alot else going for him. You got to be keen to get rid. I tell you what. I'll give you a fiver for the lot. You should at least be able to put down a deposit on a Sancho share. Can't say fairer than that.

  • @Dalian-Smyth

    No no, I’m not selling him. I just want his price to go up. Christ, imagine if he starts banging in the goals next week!

    Knowing my luck he’ll be out on loan in Serie B for the next three seasons and be primed for greatness (And an Italian cap!) just as my shares expire!

    Anyway not to worry, I’ve got Kenan Karaman and Patrick Bamford so can’t go wrong!

  • @PaulM Some tough players to sell there mate. I'm sure we've all got a portion of unsellables in our ports. Sell orders coming soon though so don't despair. Hopefully you'll be able to get shut.

  • @PaulM he sounds total shite 😛🤓 but keep us posted. 👍🏻

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