Long term or short term.

  • So do you do it for long term or short term gains?

  • Long term. Looking at 5yrs plus. But of course circumstances can change.

  • @TOM201
    Invest big or invest small and then invest the profits? I’m undecided

  • Long term here, simply because its easy and less stress.

    I dont want to feel like I have to watch my port everyday.

  • Why can you not do both, why does it have to be a choice between either.

    Take short term profits and invest into long term prospects. Several people invest their dividends that way.

  • @Carl-has-a-plan Ill be honest id get as much money in the index as you can afford to lose.

    The potential platform growth would not be something I would want to miss out on.

  • Most will claim to be long term then scream bloody murder when someone scores a goal and doesn’t rise 5-10%

  • @Carl-has-a-plan invest big but in small increments will help you ride out any platform volatility. A steady stream of cash going in is a good approach. I do like a big dump when an offer comes along though.

  • @Carl-has-a-plan

    Long term is the guaranteed win, due to platform growth almost all prices will be far higher in 2/3 years time but short/medium term provides more excitement, as a test of your trading ability against the market. Short term IPD style or day trading has virtually died along with the necessary volatility to make it profitable, mainly due to the current liquidity squeeze but hopefully that's only temporary, so be very cautious not to tip over the edge into over trading, where the commission generated by constantly churning your portfolio exceeds any trading gains.

    Now is an excellent time to buy as ME provides some great discounts & the next couple of years are highly likely to see exponential growth, introduction of NASDAQ OB tech, potential territory expansion & huge marketing drive, so even average traders should see some fantastic gains.

    Gamble responsibly & only risk what you'd be prepared to lose obviously, understanding how the platform works is just as important as who you buy IMHO.

  • About 80% of my port (once tidied up a bit with 3 or 4 sales) will be med/long term but 20% will be short term to allow myself to trade in any opportunities that present themselves.

  • I was 70% long term and 30% IPD flips and short term punts for excitement.

    Since the matching engine part 1, I've abandoned short term completely and it's now a case of 100% long term trading for cap app on youth and solid PB dividend earners

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